The Riddler and his team are one of the main antagonists of Lego Batman: the Video Game.

They planned to rob the Gotham Gold Bullion by collecting a number of items to get inside the bank: Gold Vault's Key, Freeze Cannon, Vine Seeds and a Laser Gun. Riddler and Two-Face then went to infiltrate the Bank in order to steal the money but both Batman and Robin followed them there. Riddler and Two-Face were defeated and the team members were apprehended and then taken to Arkham Asylum.


  • Riddler: Riddler is the team's leader who planned the whole thing and he alongside his associates broke out of Arkham Asylum. In the Gotham Gold Bullion, he alongside Two-Face are defeated by the heroes.
  • Two-Face: Two-Face is the team's second in command and served as Riddler's right hand, together they robbed the Gotham Gold Bullion. He was defeated and later imprisoned in Arkham Asylum.
  • Poison Ivy : Poison Ivy is a member of the team, she and Riddler infiltrated the Botanical Gardens to obtain the Vine Seeds. She fought Batman and Robin, and in a final attempt to kill Robin, she nearly kissed him but Batman knocked her out by throwing a Batarang at her.
  • Mr. Freeze : Mr. Freeze is a member of the team who helped Riddler break into the Ice-Cream Factory in order to gain the Freeze Cannon. He was defeated alongside his henchmen.
  • Clayface : Clayface is the team's member and helps Riddler steal the Key to the Gold Vault. Although he is abandoned when he refuses to go and wants the Gold Bars, but is defeated by Batman and Robin.


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