The Ringleader is the vampiric lamprey-like creature who created demonic clowns that devour victims when they laugh. A nest of five were captured by the Extreme Ghostbusters.

A nest of vampiric entities set out to feed on laughter to invoke it with their disguises. At their choosing, they can also turn human victims into one of them.


The Ringleader sets upon his swarm of demonic clowns to feed on their victim's laughters. To that end, they settled down to Coney Island during a trip to Brooklyn. An eyewitness saw one of the clowns feed on a man who missed a local bus and called the Ghostbusters for help, so they tracked the clown to another victim's apartment room and fought it.

At the time, Eduardo managed to confine one of the demon clowns and trap it himself. The Ghostbusters were unaware that the other three clowns were watching from afar. The Ringleader decided to get revenge on Eduardo and targeted him as a replacement for their fallen comrade. While Eduardo was heading home, the Ringleaders sends out a Jack-In-The-Box to bite Eduardo in the arm, slowing becoming into one of the demon clowns, much to the other Ghostbusters' horror.

Tracking Eduardo's current location at Coney Island, the Ghostbusters were able to detain the remaining clowns, though the Ringleader reveals itself by capturing Kylie and Garrett after consuming Roland. Fortunately, Slimer and Egon came to the rescue by using a recording device, allowing the Ghostbusters to trap the Ringleader, freeing Eduardo and rescuing the others (including Roland).


  • The weakness of the vampires is that they can't prey on someone unless they laugh first. To counter this, they use their clown disguises to try to bait them into laughing.
  • In addition, the giant leader of the clowns has several tentacles with tips covered in soft, feather-like appendages it uses to tickle victims into laughing.
  • What's worse is that they have the ability to infect other people using a special jack-in-the-box to turn them into vampire clowns too.


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