Alright Everybody Down On The Floor Lets go
~ The Robber
The Robber is the primary antagonist of the episode Supermarket Hostage of The 1989 TV series Rescue 911.

He is a Robber that wanted to Rob a supermarket for its money and escape from the Police. The Robber is a white male he wears a white shirt and blue jeans and white shoes due to the mask no one can make out his hair color.


On a Saturday Night in a Supermarket, a local woman noticed a man standing still while another man was behind him. The woman then left the store telling the manager that there was a man with a gun. The manager Steve had no time to do anything before the robber orders everyone on the floor. saying the life of this boy is in your hands.

The Robber orders Steve to open the safe for the money. meanwhile the woman went to another store asking the clerk to call 911 due to the robbery. The 911 operator dispatches the county sheriff to respond to the robbery. In the store the robber gets the money form the safe a sheriff deputy shows up to the store and is greeted by the robber saying to put his gun down. The Sheriff deputy with no choice leaves the store and calls for backup. The Robber ask Steve if there's a back exit. The Deputy's wait for the robber to exit through the back door.

A Sheriff's Deputy Aims for the robber's leg and opens fire on him without hurting the hostage. The Robber soon dies form his wounds.


Rescue 911 - Episode 1

Rescue 911 - Episode 1.1 - Supermarket Hostage