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The Sad Man is the titular main antagonist of the animated video of the same name.


The Sad Man is a squat being resembling a hooded human, he walks about using his toes for movement, without moving his arms or legs. He wears a round mask with a smiley face that creaks and turns about repetitively, the mask hides his true identity; when it is taken off, his true face is that of a leechlike mouth that allows him to feed on humans.


At the start of the animation, The Sad Man is seen sitting in his house, very sad and lonely. He goes on to show a paper with a drawing of him and a little girl holding hands. The Sad Man then went out to the playground, walking in a strange way with only his toes providing locomotion, swinging all alone.

As the Sad Man goes home, he cuts himself, cutting his nail off and bugs went on his face. After awhile, the Sad Man went outside, to find a girl to help him cure his nail. The girl gladly wrapped a curve around his finger.

The two then became friends, and went to the park together, swinging together having fun. In the end, the girl took off The Sad Man's mask, revealing no face save for a leech-like mouth full of sharp teeth, which ended up with him eating the girl.

At the end the Sad Man is seen again, sitting in his corner.


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