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The Scrambler is one of the villains who appeared in the Robocop: Animated Series. He only appears in the episode "The Scrambler" and was a former OCP member.


The Scrambler was first seen in the Metro South Prison watching the interviewed of the Old Man in the prison's cafeteria. He throws his meal at the television saying the Old Man is a liar and vows to kill him and destroy OCP. The Scrambler then discovers Robocop's password which was used by Dr. Tyler is perfect and controls Robocop who then goes to Metro South Prison to rescue the Scrambler and destroyed the prison's main power.

He hides in an apartment and completely controls Robocop and makes an appearance in front of the Old Man on the monitor who then vows to find the Scrambler and arrest him, then he commands Robocop to rob a bank. Robocop goes to a bank and robs it after pushing the robbers out of the way prompted them that Robocop is not a super cop but a super crook. The Scrambler was pleased to Robocop for bringing the money and commands him to destroy every OCP facility.

Robocop first destroyed the OCP Research Park and an unfinished OCP building. Robocop proceeds to another OCP facility where he attempts to destroy it but is confronted by Lt. Hedgecock who was sent by Dr. Tyler to stop him, but he escapes leaving Lt. Hedgecock that he will get the brainwashed Robocop is the last thing he does. The Old man is then contacted by the Scrambler on the monitor again and he contacts Dr. Tyler that Robocop was being brainwashed by the Scrambler who then shuts Robocop's power down, but the Scrambler overrode her commands and Robocop goes to the OCP building to kill the Old Man.

Lt. Hedgecock and his team tries to stop him but manages to break through and confronts the Old Man and incapacitates his guards. But before he could kill him Anne Lewis arrives who responded to Lt. Hedgecock's distress call, stops him and begs to follow his prime directives, The Scrambler attempts to command Robocop not to listen to his partner but he refuses to cause a power surge breaking Robocop free from the Scrambler's control and collapses unto the floor.

Lewis checks him now he's already free from The Scrambler's control and Robocop goes to find the Scrambler who is still in his apartment dazed by the surge and attempts to leave before Robocop finds him, but he is already too late and is promptly arrested. Afterward, Dr. Tyler is then contacted by the Old man and she changed Robocop's password so it could not happen again and The Scrambler is now behind bars.


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