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The Screamer is a supporting antagonist of the 123 Slaughter Me Street series. He replaces The Waiter in the prequel, and may have been apart of the Foggel Friends TV show.


123 Slaughter Me Street 2

The Screamer is the only enemy to not actively hunt the player, instead wandering aimlessly around the house. If he spots the player, rather than attacking, he'll emit a high-pitched screech that alerts The Seeker and The Stalker to the player's location. If the flashlight is shined in his face, The Screamer will get scared and run away without alerting the other enemies. While he is mostly cowardly towards the player, he will still attack them if they get too close, resulting in a game over.


The Screamer is a dull tan bipedal puppet resembling some sort of mammal. He has no arms, black hooves, and a large tear in his chest with a bit of stuffing sticking out. His eyes are bloodshot with pale blue irises, he has a black, dog-like nose, and several sharp teeth in an overbite. He has a pair of long, black ram horns


  • He could represent Tim Denson's daughter.
  • He's the only enemy in the series who isn't inherently hostile towards the player.
  • Earlier concept art showed that The Screamer was going to have slit pupils, a scar over one eye, and the ability to stretch his mouth unnaturally wide.
  • He's the only completely new character in Slaughter Me Street 2, as The Seeker and The Stalker are both counterparts to enemies from the first game.

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