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~ The Seeker
~ The Seeker
~ The Seeker

The Seeker (also known as that Thing or just It) is the main antagonist of the ROBLOX game Light Bulb. It is a strange, shadow-like entity who has kidnapped two people, one, the player, is called the Hider while the other is nicknamed the Phone Caller due to not having his name mentioned, the Seeker forces these two individuals to play a twisted game of "Hide & Seek" with it, if it catches them, they will lose and die, if they escape the facility, they will win and live.


The Seeker is primarily just a entity made of shadows, however it’s face changes form, it first appears as a white face with a crooked smile, in a drawing it is depicted as having no mouth but red eyes, another time it will look more bulky and has snake-like arms, another time it will be covered in blood with no hands, another time it has sharp teeth, pupils and covered in blood, in the game over scene the Seeker has realistic human eyes and a smile with lines similar to stitches.


The Seeker primarily hunts the Hider, however the Phone Caller mentions that it hunts him too, over the game the Seeker will hunt the Hider down, hiding in the darkness and waiting to strike, it will also pretend to be the Phone Caller himself, trying to deceive the Hider to get the Bad Ending, the Hider's only way of escaping the Seeker is to run or hide. There is a bit of history to the facility the Hider and Phone Caller try to escape, it was apparently a type of hospital as it marks patients, however then the Seeker came and hunted down the workers, one worker nicknamed the Seeker the "Hide and Seeker" due to its nature of hiding in the darkness before coming to kill whoever turned the light on. Depending on the Hider's choices, they can either escape the facility and the Seeker or be doomed.

Bad Ending

If the Hider ignores the red switches and jumps into the hole, they will find themselves in a sewer. After traversing the area the Hider will find a corridor, at the end of the corridor is the outside world, however before the Hider can escape, the door closes, if the Hider looks behind them than they will see the lights turning off, the final light bulb above the Hider then flickers before the Seeker shatters it. In this ending the Seeker wins and kills the Hider and the Phone Caller. The player is then rewarded with the "It was fun..." Badge.

Good Ending

If the Hider flips all the red switches, they will be teleported to the exit of the facility, the Hider then awakens in a underground bunker, however they quickly find stairs that lead to the same door seen at the end of the Bad Ending accept it now has a giant tear in it, on the side there will be messages from the Seeker pleading and begging the Hider not to leave, however the Hider leaves anyway, free from the horrors of the facility and the Seeker. In this ending the Hider and the Phone Caller win before abandoning the Seeker in the facility. The player is then rewarded with the "Come back..." Badge.


~ The Seeker if it takes the locker
~ The Seeker when the Hider goes to find the code.
~ The Seeker when the Hider goes to find the code in Hard Mode.
Hey, did someone pick up the phone? This is my plan, we’re gonna cut the power and escape, this is virtual simulation, I don’t want to worry you, t-the lights... will be off for a short amount of time but then... we’ll be out, a-all *glitch* He-hey! Have you been hearing that guy on the phone? Don’t listen to him, he’s fake! He’s gonna cut me off! He’s not real! (All you have to do is pull the big red switch, in the control room after I get those doors open... oh! By the way, that Thing has been interrupting phone calls, you have to listen to me, I’m the only real one talking to you. Okay... I have to go.)
~ The Seeker pretending to be the Phone Caller to deceive the Hider before being cut off by the real one.
~ The Seeker reacting to the Hider flipping the red switches.
~ The Seeker begging the Hider not to leave.
~ The Seeker begging the Hider not to leave.


  • Its unknown if there is one Seeker, or if it is just shapeshifting.
  • The Seeker possibly has Monophobia, the fear of being alone, as it reacts very scared when the Hider figures out how to escape, and even begins pleading and begging the Hider not to leave.
  • The Seeker was possibly created by a patient in the facility that had Schizophrenia, a disorder that affects a person's ability to think, feel and behave clearly, the patient said that they saw a dark version of themself in their house.
  • Although the Seeker begs the Hider not to leave, the Seeker has tried to kill the Hider during their journey to escape the facility, leaving the Hider no reason to accept the Seeker's request.
  • The Seeker breaks the fourth wall by looking at the player when it kills their avatar.
  • The Seeker seems to be capable of Reality Warping, as objects fall and lights turn off for no reason, but the most convincing fact is when the Hider begins flipping the red switches, stuff moves around and the word "NO" appears on the Wall, the control room becomes even more distorted the more switches the Hider flips.