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We're the Seven, Earth's most mighty, champions of the innocent, motherf-cker!
~ Translucent
See, it doesn't matter who made us or how we got here, the point is... we are here. Together. Family. You guys... you are my real family.
~ The Homelander addressing The Seven.

The Seven was a team of superheroes created by Vought-American and the central antagonistic faction in the adult comic-book series The Boys from 2006 and its television adaptation.



The Seven were created by Vought American injecting a substance called Compound V directly into seven pregnant women. This results in the births of stronger-than-average people: The Homelander, Black Noir, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Jack from Jupiter, Lamplighter and Mister MarathonA-Train and Starlight would be recruited onto the team to replace Mister Marathon and Lamplighter respectively.

They were created in order for Vought-American to make profits by manipulating the public into believing they were a group of superheroes. However, due to The Seven's upbringings and mental illnesses, they became corrupt with many members committing multiple crimes such as murder, rape and even botched attempts at saving people that resulted in the deaths of countless innocents. This was apparent in their botched attempt to stop one of planes during 9/11 which also leads to the death of Mister Marathon along with thousands on the plane and the Hudson Bridge.

The CIA finding out leads to the formation of the Boys, a team created to keep the Supes in line with one of their main tools being blackmail. Lamplighter becomes infuriated after being told The Seven were being blackmailed so he leaves to stalk The Boys' leader Greg Mallory to his home and murder his family. This leads to the two teams coming to a cease-fire agreement: The Seven would not get involved in national defense and the Boys would not interfere. Lamplighter was given up to the Boys which led to his death and reanimation as a zombie.

Since then The Seven and the Boys have had little interaction with each other and the team is mostly shown at their headquarters while focusing on member Starlight. The Seven would soon dissolve and ended with only two members surviving.

TV Series

In the Amazon TV series, The Seven are the most profitable superhero team under Vought International and like their comic counterparts are mostly corrupt superheroes (commonly known as "Supes") only concerned about maintaining their public images than saving innocents and are opposed by the titular group of Supe-haunted and scarred individuals desiring to expose them for the blithe monsters they are. When Starlight joins The Seven, she is shocked and disgusted by what the team is really after and tries to change things for the better. The public influence of The Seven is shown more prominently with them starring in movies and commercials, having merchandise and making public appearances. The team is also more fleshed out and expanded on which includes seeing the members having personal struggles.

Other changes included the ethnicity swapping of A-Train and The Deep, Translucent replacing Jack from Jupiter, Vought-American seeking out a way of getting Supes into national defense, Homelander being more proactive and scheming throughout, Queen Maeve having an ex-girlfriend and it being implied she and The Deep were recruited like A-Train and Starlight, Homelander being the only member capable of flight whereas in the comics most of the other members could fly as well and the botched plane rescue having nothing to do with 9/11 and only Homelander and Queen Maeve were sent on the mission.



TV Series




  • The Seven is a dark parody of superhero teams from Marvel and DC properties such as The Avengers and Justice League. In general, the Seven is much weaker than both the Justice League and the Avengers and the two organizations work independently from any governments or corporations. 
  • They are also an equivalent of supervillain teams such as DC's Legion of Doom and Marvel's Masters of Evil.
  • They are also based on the Crime Syndicate of America, as they are an evil version of the Justice League with a similarly different power set.


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