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We're the Seven, Earth's most mighty, champions of the innocent, motherf***er!
~ Translucent.

The Seven was an organization created by Vought-American and an antagonistic faction in the adult comic-book series The Boys.



The Seven were created by Nazis during World War II with the use of a substance called Compound V. Their name was from the seven women that gave birth to the members Homelander, Black Noir, A-Train, Queen Maeve, The Deep, Jack from Jupiter and Mister Marathon shortly before dying.

They were created in order for Vought-American to make profits by manipulating the public into believing they were a group of superheroes. However, due to The Seven's upbringings and mental illnesses they became corrupt with many members committing multiple crimes such as murder, rape and even botched attempts at saving people that resulted in the deaths of countless innocents.

In the comics The Seven dissolved after the death of Homelander at the hands of Black Noir before being killed himself by the US military.

TV Series

In the Amazon-exclusive TV series The Seven were a group of corrupted superheroes (commonly known as "Supes"), most of whom were only concerned with maintaining their public images than saving innocents. They were opposed by the titular group of Supe-haunted and scarred individuals desiring to expose them for the blithe monsters they really were while secretly being assisted by next-gen Supe Starlight, who had immediately become shocked by the coverups about the true nature of The Seven after joining the group.





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