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The Seven Sirens are the titular primary antagonists in the video game Shantae and the Seven Sirens. They are a mysterious group of Sirens that dwell under the city beneath Siren Island. Their leader and the most well-known member is the dreaded Empress Siren, the most powerful. After their defeat, the Seven Sirens vanish, though the Fast Completion picture shows five of them redeemed (The Empress Siren is the exception since her death is confirmed.) and playing volleyball with the Lobster Siren.

The Lobster Siren (officially known as Lobster Girl) is not really villainous due to her defection from the group, though she doesn't appear as the true final siren until the ending. Her vocal effects were provided by Mela Lee.


Water Lily Siren

Water Lily Siren is the first Siren that is found. Her appearance is similar to a nymph from Greek mythology. She has seafoam green skin and sits in a pot during the battle. During the introduction, she wakes up while Shantae enters the room.

The Water Lily Siren is invincible normally, but she does become damageable when lured into the sun (Shantae needs to use her Newt transformation to reach the controls.). This will cause the leaves at the Siren's sides to open. Those must be struck to damage her. When she is defeated, she faints before vanishing. She has the following attacks:

  • Launching seeds that create venus-fly-trap-like monsters that charge.
  • Creating thorn pillars.

The Water Lily Siren appears in the Water Lily's Den.

Coral Siren

Coral Siren differs from her cohorts in that she fights as a mechanical suit. She has a yellow round body with a single green eye with a black pupil and black arms with grey fingers and short-but-functional legs.

When Shantae breaks her way into the room, she encounters a feminine, humanoid-looking creature controlling the Coral Siren grinning as the latter breaks into the lowest part of the dungeon. It pulls a rubber mask over its face and drops into the Coral Siren, quickly making her rise to her feet, beginning the battle.

The Coral Siren usually stays in the background, launching exploding orbs and charging across the foreground plane or leaping there from the background. Shantae has to use her Gastrol Drill transformation to carve out holes. This done, Drills will have no place to land and will get stuck upside down (She is vulnerable in this state.). The Coral Siren is fought in the Coral Mines.

Tubeworm Siren

Tubeworm Siren appears as the third Siren to be faced. Her appearance is rather humanoid from the waist up, but below, she is a tubeworm herself. She "rides" in a purple creature that serves as a steed. Three more Tubeworms popping form the steed.

During the introduction, several Tubeworms appear within a tunnel. They then part, and the siren reveals herself.

The Tubeworms attack during the Tubeworm Siren's first phase. Upon their defeat, she herself joins the battle. The Tubeworm Siren can burrow into the ground and fire lasers upwards, but Shantae can use the turtle transformation to smash the Tubeworm Siren's spot, which is marked with a golden blob that slides back and forth, firing the laser. That done, the Siren will helplessly flop on the ground until she can recover. The Tubeworm Siren appears in the Sea Vent Lab.

Angler Fish Siren

Angler Fish Siren haunts The Boiler room. Her appearance is somewhat humanoid, with pale skin and green eyes. She wears a grey dress that reaches the floor, a red shawl, and possesses a single appendage with an eye on her forehead.

When she is introduced, the Angler Fish Siren first appears looking down on a cliff as Shantae watches. Shantae is surprised when the Angler Fish Siren vanishes. Shantae tries to look for the Siren as best as she can, but the Angler Fish Siren jump-scares Shantae by tapping the latter's shoulder.

She attacks by summoning eyes that can deal damage, and can force an underwater coin collection challenged (telegraphed by either, "Bath time!" or, "Cool off!"). Shantae has to use the frog transformation to clear this challenge and unflood the room, lest she suffocates. The Deep Sea Creep can also fire eyes that bounce throughout the arena; at this point she is vulnerable. Unlike most sirens, the Angler Fish Siren seems to be able to teleport, an ability that the Empress Siren has.

Octo Siren

Octo Siren, also known as Eight Times the Terror, makes her lair in the Squid Pit. She resembles a woman with white skin and blue hair, but has octopus tentacles rather than legs.

Eight Times the Terror first appears when Shantae enters the Squid Pit's arena. The Siren notices Shantae's entrance, but does not pay much attention to the half-genie's presence.

Eight Times the Terror cannot be damaged directly. Shantae has to kill off the six brains throughout the tank that Eight resides in, and this must be done in the correct order (The wrong kill forces Shantae to start over, which can be a pain as she needs to be wary of the laser beams that fire from the walls.). When Shantae destroys all six, the reactor core is exposed and can be attacked. When Shantae destroys the core, which very much resembles a brain, the Octo Siren is defeated.

Empress Siren

Main article: Empress Siren

This Siren is the leader of the Seven Sirens. Her appearance is humanoid, though she has a fish tail behind the legs and white, constantly glowing eyes. She is the only Siren whose death is confirmed, as the rest are seen playing volleyball.


  • The Seven Sirens seem to represent the seven deadly sins.
    • Water Lily Siren spends most of her battle showing off her beauty, a flagrant display of Pride.
    • Coral Siren is literally a green-eyed monster, a euphemism for Envy.
    • Tubeworm Siren's body is made of Gluttonous beasts.
    • Angler Fish Siren is the only Siren to never smile, and most of her attacks are accompanied by a scream of Wrath.
    • Octo Siren spends the entire battle submerged in a bath, and in her Sloth doesn't directly fight.
    • Empress Siren is characterized by unending Greed for the life force and beauty of others.
    • Lobster Siren is infatuated with Shantae. Given the game's family-friendly nature despite its T rating, this is as close to Lust as could be shown.


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