The Shadow is a giant supernatural monster that is the most feared of all villains within the Inkheart book series and the movie Inkheart.


The Shadow is a gigantic, demonic monster whose entire body is comprised of darkness and fire and ashes, and has 2 sharp red eyes, but no face.


Inkheart (book)

The Shadow was made up of not only many animals, but also many supernatural creatures such as trolls and fairies. It is said that Capricorn used trolls to make it, and then killed those trolls. Due to Fenoglio's modifying of the words of Inkheart, he betrays Capricorn and destroys him, soon destroying himself.

Inkheart (movie)

It is said almost in the same way that Capricorn ordered trolls to create the Shadow for him before killing them, only for it be made from the ashes of Capricorn's victims.

The Shadow was released from the world of the book Inkheart by Meggie Folchart as part of Capricorn's plan to use in his potential conquest of the real world, to expand the bounders of his "kingdom".

However, due to Meggie Folchart's modifying of the words of Inkheart with the help of author Fenoglio and her Silvertongue ability, he betrays Capricorn and destroys him and his followers, soon destroying himself in the process.


  • The Shadow was once known as "Capricorn's Hound" in Inkdeath.
  • The Shadow had a similar appearance to Hexxus from FernGully: The Last Rainforest.