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Glory to the Shogun!
~ Inazuma Shogunate

The Inazuma Shogunate (Japanese: 稲妻幕府), or simply the "Shogunate" is the governing body of Inazuma and a major antagonistic faction turn major anti herotic faction in Genshin Impact, they serve as the primary antagonistic faction of the Chapter II of the Archon Quests.

Essentially the enforcers of the Raiden Shogun responsible for the daily affairs of Inazuma, the Shogunate have shown corruption throughout its power-hungry officials, gaining advantage over the conflicts happening throughout Inazuma's history. The Tenryou and Kanjou Commissions both served as the secondary antagonist with the corrupt commissioners Kujou Takayuki being the main antagonist and Hiiragi Shinsuke being a minor antagonist of the Inazuma storyline, while the Yashiro Commission is the deuteragonist of Chapter II and the Inazuma-related Story Quests.


The Shogunate was first established by the late Raiden Makoto thousands of years ago prior to the events of the game as the ruling body of the nation of Inazuma. Recently, officials of the Tenryou Commission have made deals with the Fatui to manipulate the Raiden Shogun into enacting the Vision Hunt Decree, confiscating the Visions of many individuals to be laid upon the Statue of the Omnipresent God. It was done to prolong the conflicts between their primary enemy, the Watatsumi Army to create a black market of Delusions.

They are also allied with the Grand Narukami Shrine, the religious body of Inazuma led by Yae Miko. However, using military force is not permitted around its vicinity as it dishonors the Shogun, thus it is not under the jurisdiction of the Inazuma Shogunate, although it is still under the authority of the Raiden Shogun whom the shrine worships.


Thousands of years ago, the former Electro Archon, Makoto established the Inazuma Shogunate as its ruling body to Inazuma. She served as the Electro Archon under the name of "Baal" while her twin sister, Ei became her kagemusha. The people of Inazuma always believed that there's only one Electro Archon due to both gods bestowing the same title.

However, Inazuma would later suffer a great crisis 500 years ago when the Cataclysm occurred. Numerous monsters from the Abyss spawned and ravaged the whole nation of Teyvat causing countless casualties. Ei's two close friends, Mikoshi Chiyo and Kitsune Saiguu died as a result: Chiyo became corrupted after she was swallowed by the "beast of sin", forcing Ei to end her life, while Kitsune Saiguu disappeared from the "deep darkness". On the other hand, the Shogun's Army suffered numerous loss of personnel including Kitamura who was attacked by the Rifthounds along with the other infantries and Takamine the Mistsplitter was overwhelmed and died. Their greatest loss was Makoto, who went to Khaenri'ah without Ei's knowledge, likely due to the monsters. Before her death, Ei managed to save a fraction of her consciousness, coalescing it into her Musou Isshin which will only awaken should Ei uses her full strength.

At some time after the Cataclysm, Ei created a puppet prototype named "Kunikuzushi" to see if it's possible to create the technology of puppets with consciousness. As she deemed him as a successful prototype, she would later create the Raiden Shogun puppet. Kunikuzushi was later released by Ei into the wilderness before he was found by the Fatui and eventually becoming "Scaramouche". The Shogun puppet essentially was given the task to rule over Inazuma and its daily affairs.

A year prior to the game's events, the Fatui made deals with the Tenryou and Kanjou Commission to manipulate the Shogun into enacting the Vision Hunt Decree by providing her with misinformation. Successful in doing so, the Shogun orders her military forces to confiscate all Vision holders' visions and inlaid all seized Visions to the Statue of the Omnipresent God for reasons yet unknown. The Fatui did this in order to create a black market of Delusions while also prolonging the conflicts between the Shogun's Army and the Watatsumi Army led by Sangonomiya Kokomi. At the same, the Shogun also enacted the Sakoku Decree, which consists of strictly closing Inazuma's borders by summoning raging storms around the waters of Inazuma.

Many people have lost their Vision in the process including Arataki Itto and Tejima. Kaedahara Kazuha's friend died after challenging Kujou Sara in a duel. He loss the challenge and eventually was executed by the Raiden Shogun. Before his Electro Vision could be seized, Kazuha managed to get it and run away, becoming an outcast until Beidou finds him.

During the events of the game, the Traveler arrives at Ritou thanks to Beidou's Crux Fleet. They have to deal with the foreigners suffering a ridiculous amount of taxes being sued to them by the corrupt officials. They met Werner, a merchant from Mondstadt who was being manipulated by Keijirou with Werner barely getting paid from it. Earlier, the outlanders have been told to pay with Crystals Marrows instead of Mora, which they have never heard of. Meanwhile, while they trail Keijirou, they discovered a buried ledger. Finally exposing his corruption, the outlanders became enraged into learning of Keijirou's wrongdoings. Katsuie attempted to seize the outlanders until Thoma intervenes. The Traveler would later learn from Hiiragi Chisato via a letter that a few days prior, La Signora has conspired with Hiiragi Shinsuke to keep the Traveler occupied on Ritou.

Over time, the Traveler had to deal with numerous former Vision holders who had recently got their Visions confiscated by the Shogunate. Learning from Ayaka that a craftsman named Master Masakatsu was arrested for "treason" due to his counterfeit visions, they head to Naganohara Fireworks as per Ayaka's suggestion due to her fears of not wanting the Yashiro Commission to be involved. With the help of Yoimiya, the owner of Naganohara Fireworks, the Traveler infiltrates the Police Station holding Masakatsu. They found Masakatsu being tortured by the Shogunate infantries until they were scolded by Kujou Sara. Yoimiya then sets up a distraction with her fireworks to diver the Shogunate infantries away. After saving Masakatsu, they met up with Kujou Sara, who surprisingly allows them leave as Masakatsu is neede for urgent care, but nonetheless still threatens him.

After a hot pot game, the Traveler soon discovers that Thoma has been captured by the Tenryou Commission to be handed to the Raiden Shogun. In the Statue of the Omnipresent God, they found Thoma whose Vision is about to be gathered by the Electro Archon. The Traveler interferes and stops the ceremony, thus forcing them to fight the Raiden Shogun in the Plane of Euthymia. As a result, the Traveler was ultimately defeated. Before she could use her Musou Isshin to end her, Thoma broke free from his bindings and helps the Traveler escape. The guards wondered about the Traveler, but the Raiden Shogun now issues an arrest warrant for both Thoma and the Traveler, telling to them that she shall strike twice at the Traveler next time.

The Traveler then decides to join forces with the Watatsumi Army as suggested by Thoma. Arriving on Nazuchi Beach, they found a resistance member named Teppei being attacked by the Shogun's Army. After rescuing Teppei, he offers his thanks for helping him and sends them to Gorou, the general of the Watatsumi Army. In the course of their training with the Watatsumi Army in preparations for their war at the Nazuchi Beach, they would later hear the news that the Shogunate Infantry have breached the shores, thus preparing to engage a war against them. Heading to Nazuchi Beach, the Traveler fought some of the best soldiers of Kujou Sara, besting all of them despite Gorou's concerns that she might try to apprehend them. After defeating the soldiers, the war begun. Numerous casualties have occurred in both sides, as the Shogunate appears to have been overwhelming the Watatsumi forces, Kokomi along with Beidou and Kazuha arrives, they ambushed the Shogunate, forcing them to retreat.

In the Fort Fujitou, Kokomi tells them the news that they received a letter from an another army who promised them supplies for their fight against the Shogunate, thus wanting to expand the forces. Despite their suspicions, Kokomi still chooses alliance with them. Later on, numerous resistance members including Teppei suffering severe worsening symptoms. Realizing that the resistance members used a Fatui Delusion and the "army" that promised them supplies was in fact the Fatui, the Traveler then seeks revenge after hearing Teppei's death.

Clearing the facility that creates a black market of Delusions, the Traveler would soon hear the news that the Kanjou Commission had been colluding with the Fatui due to the Crystal Marrows being used in the process of making Delusions. Scaramouche arrives, but told them that he was not responsible for the events of Inazuma but was simply "following orders". Telling that the Delusion black market was made for the weak such as Teppei, it greatly shows infuriation to the Traveler. But the Traveler then lost consciousness due to the energy of the old gods that sense their rage. As the Traveler's consciousness fades, Yae Miko arrives to save them but at the cost of the Electro Archon's Gnosis.

After their Anti-Raiden Shogun training, the two returns to Grand Narukami Shrine to meet with Kujou Sara. Kujou Sara attempts to arrest the Traveler but was stopped by Yae Miko who tells to them that using military force is not permitted around the Grand Narukami Shrine as it dishonors the Shogun herself. Requesting her troops to stand down, Yae explains to her that the Fatui has been perpetrating the Vision Hunt Decree and it was all a lie. While not convinced by it, Yae Miko offers a proof of guilt within three days, which Kujou Sara accepts.

Three days later, with the help of Sayu, Yoimiya and the Yashiro Commission, Sayu finds a document related to the war report and an another document with the collaboration of the Fatui. Returning to the shrine, the Traveler handed the documents to Kujou Sara. Realizing that there was no mention of war in the report and the Kujou Clan's collaboration with the Fatui, Kujou Sara becomes enraged and headed her way towards her adoptive father, Kujou Takayuki. Dispatching the Shogunate guards, Kujou Takayuki arrives and asks what was going on. Sara then demands to him why the him and the Tenryou Commission have collaborated with the Fatui and betrayed the Shogunate. Takayuki explains that he simply had to collaborate in them in order to preserve the name of the Kujou Clan. After a short argument, Sara went to Tenshukaku after hearing from Takayuki that the Raiden Shogun is talking with La Signora.

The Traveler then arrives inside Tenshukaku, seeing Sara being knocked out by Signora. The Traveler explains about the Fatui's involvement, but Signora feigns innocence, reminding the Traveler that they're still a wanted criminal. By offering a duel to counteract, which the Shogun accepts. Both engaged in a fiery duel, only for Signora to lose the fight. The Shogun then approaches Signora who was protesting about her diplomacy, but her demands fall on deaf ears as the Shogun uses her Musou Isshin to execute Signora, finally ending her terror once and for all.

Later on, as the Traveler was transported by Ei to the Plane of Euthymia, she would be defeated after she offers a duel to the Traveler as they wanted to stop the Vision Hunt Decree. Finally learning of the Fatui's involvement, Ei lifted the Vision Hunt Decree, finally returning all seized (a total of 99 was confiscated) Visions to their rightful owners while at the same time, arrested members of the Tenryou and Kanjou Commission due to their ties with the Fatui.

After the Vision Hunt Decree was abolished, Kokomi would later hear a rumor that the Fatui and the Tenryou Commission have been colluding once again to restart the conflicts. Meeting with Kujou Sara at Kannazuka to make negotiations and a treaty. The negotiation heats up after Sara mentions about bringing the resistance under the Tenryou Commission's control, causing a stand-off between the oppossing troops. Two of the Shogunate officers admitted that the Fatui have met them and wanting to restart the war, but they were uncertain as to how the Watatsumi Army get to learn about it. Angered by their interaction with the Fatui, Sara reminded them about what the Fatui has done to Inazuma and asks them what they wanted about them. The Shogunate soldiers then replies that most of them left while some wanting to avenge Signora's death. Sara then vows that she will hunt down the remaining Fatui forces and apologizes to Kokomi for her laxity. The two finally settles everything and enact the peace treaty and ensuring they shall gather more Fatui forces, concluding their meeting.

During the Rifthounds' attack on the roots of the Sakura Tree, Ei was summoned by her own puppet who deems her as a threat to eternity, believing that Ei was also suffering from erosion due to her new perspectives. After a short duel, Ei was able to defeat her own puppet. After planting a Sacred Sakura seed given by Makoto's consciousness, they all return to the real world. Ei then knowing what to do, decides to abolish the Sakoku Decree as well and made her Shogun puppet as a kagemusha.

Meanwhile, rumors about Hiiragi Chisato and Kujou Kamaji getting married were spreading. However, suspicion rose as it was discovered that the wedding is being used to gain political powers. With the help of Kamisato Ayato, they have exposed Matsuura who was actually responsible for forcing the wedding to happen. Chisato now learning of his ulterior motives, scolded him for it. Matsuura then later apologizes to both the Traveler and Ayato, wanting to take full responsibility for his actions.



Raiden Makoto

Raiden Makoto (under the Archon name "Baal") was the previous Eternal Excellency, revered as the previous Electro Archon and the head of the Shogunate. She was the elder twin sister of Raiden Ei. 500 years ago, Makoto died at the cataclysm of Khaenri'ah. Her sister, Ei succeeded Makoto as the next Shogun and Electro Archon of Inazuma.

At the Raiden Shogun Act II Story Quest, Makoto's spirit is within Musou Isshin (Makoto's former sword that Ei inherited from her late sister).

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun.

Baleful Shadowlord.

The Raiden Shogun is the Eternal Excellency, revered as the current Electro Archon of Inazuma and the head of the Shogunate. Her true form is Raiden Ei (or under the Archon name "Beelzebul") who meditates in the Plane of Euthymia while her puppet, the titular Raiden Shogun serves as her assistant in managing Inazuma. Her appearance is loosely based on Honkai Impact 3rd's Raiden Mei.

As of the Raiden Shogun Act II Story Quest, the puppet becomes her kagemusha and the Sakoku Decree was lifted.


The Tri-Commission are the three governing bodies that leads the Shogunate. They are comprised of the Tenryou Commission, the Kanjou Commission, and the Yashiro Commission. Each of the Tri-Commission is led by the respective political family.

Emblem Name Head Family Description
Kujou Clan.png Tenryou Commission Kujou Clan The Kujou Clan primarily leads the Tenryou Commission. They are responsible for the security and military affairs of Inazuma, thus assuming the executive arms of the Shogun herself. Their base of operation is in the Kujou Encampment, Kannazuka. As with the Tenryou Commission's involvement during the events of Chapter II, Kujou Takayuki was placed on a house arrest and he was succeeded by his son, Kujou Kamaji as the acting head of the Kujou Clan.
Hiiragi Clan.png Kanjou Commission Hiiragi Clan The Hiiragi Clan is the head of the Kanjou Commission. They are responsible for the finances, customs, and borders of the nation. Their base of operation is in Ritou, Narukami Island. After Hiiragi Shinsuke was arrested for his involvement with the Fatui, his daughter Hiiragi Chisato becomes the de-facto leader of the clan.
Kamisato Clan.png Yashiro Commission Kamisato Clan The Kamisato Clan oversees the Yashiro Commission. They are responsible for the social festivals and cultural events of the nation, thus they do not have significant influence compared to the other two commissions. Their base operation is in Kamisato Estate, Narukami Island. Kamisato Ayato is currently the Commissioner, after the deaths of their parents.

Notable Members

Kujou Sara.

Kujou Sara: Kujou Sara is a tengu and adoptive daughter of the Kujou Clan. Being a commanding officer of the Shogun's Army and the right hand woman of the Raiden Shogun, her loyalty to the Almighty Shogun is unparalleled, as stated by Yae Miko. While initially conceived as a false antagonist, she would later become a deuteragonist since the Act III of the Chapter II after learning about her family's betrayal and ties with the Fatui. She was annoyed by Arataki Itto (leader of the criminal gang known as the Arataki Gang) when he always wanted to challenge her into a duel which she always ignored.

She is playable Electro character and her weapon is a Bow. Kujou Sara utilizes support roles.

Kujou Kamaji: Kujou Sara's adoptive brother and a Proxy Clan Head. Unlike his other two siblings, Kamaji takes the responsibility of the government bussiness. After his father was arrested for his crimes, Kamaji assumed the acting head of the Tenryou Commission.

Hiiragi Chisato: The prominent daughter of Hiiragi Shinsuke. She assisted the Traveler in stopping the Kanjou Commission's corruption while also offering them a travel permit. Her father was also arrested for his involvement with the Fatui.

Matsuura: A member of the Kanjou Commission who sets up Kujou Kamaji and Hiiragi Chisato's wedding as a means to gain political advantage. He served as the main antagonist of Kamisato Ayato's Story Quest Act I.

Former Members

  • Shigeyori Kujou - The namesake of the Kujou Clan and the ones who built the fortress around the Kujou Encampment.
  • Kamei Munehisa - A yoriki who left the Shogunate into thinking that the Shogun enacting the Vision Hunt Decree was unjustifiable. Despite his friends becoming ronin and offering him to join them, he refuses every time they persuaded him, sticking to his own morality. Kamei Munehisa is currently with the Gourmet Supremos, a group of Travelers from different nations of Teyvat to try out different culinary techniques.
  • Kurosawa Kyounosuke - A yoriki that was part of the Tenryou Commission. His Vision was stripped away when he was deemed unworthy of serving the Shogun. He was scapegoated into "hoarding" food supplies despite doing this as an emergency provisions for the residents but at the cost of being indebted to Aoi. The element of his Vision is currently unknown.
  • Masanori - Masanori was the childhood friend of Kenji Kamuzichi. Like Kamuzichi, Masanori have also joined the Shogunate. After learning that the resistance he supposedly killed was his superiors, he deserted the Shogunate and joined the resistance to atone for his crimes. He later died in an another battle with the Shogunate, likely by Kamuzichi, driving him insane in the process.
  • Kenji Kamuzichi - Also known as "Nameless", a former Shogunate samurai who was childhood friends with Masanori. Becoming a Kairagi, he lost his memories multiple times and was given an insatiable lust for battle, until he was defeated by the Traveler, finally regaining his memories.
  • Iwakura Mitsunari - Known as "Kouin", Mitsunari is a member of the Iwakura Art Disciples. He was killed by the Traveler after disposing each of the disciples.
  • Fujiki - A Shogunate Samurai whose memories relived during the Rifthounds' attack on the Sacred Sakura roots. He was a Cryo Vision wielder, and likely died during the Cataclysm.
  • Fukami - An another Shogunate Samurai whose memories relived during the Rifthounds' attack on the Sacred Sakura roots. He was an Electro Vision wielder, and likely died during the Cataclysm.
  • Kitamura - A Shogunate Samurai who died during the Cataclysm whose memories relived during the Rifthounds' attack on the Sacred Sakura roots. He warned the Traveler about the attacking monsters despite being unaware about him being in a manifested memory.
  • Takamine the Mistsplitter - A renown martial artist from 500 years ago, he was the wielder of the Mistsplitter Reforged and Thundering Pulse.


The Shogunate Samurai serves as human enemies in the game. Like the Millelith soldiers, these enemies are Quest-exclusive and cannot be found in the Archives although they are still counted as part of the "Other Human Factions" due to their -20% Physical RES.

Shogunate Infantry

UI MonsterIcon Aahigaru Male 01.png

The Shogunate Infantry are the regular foot soldiers of the Shogun's Army. They are armed with spears and can perform a simple stab with it. However, they can perform a 3-stab combo when rallied by the Shogunate Infantry Captains.

Shogunate Infantry Captain

UI MonsterIcon AahigaruTaisho Male 01.png

Shogunate Infantry Captain is a high-ranking soldiers of the Shogun's Army. They are more competent and can perform a series of combos and counterattacks. They can a rally the Shogunate Infantries, causing them to raise their spears and peform a 3-stab combo.

Yoriki Samurai

UI MonsterIcon Samurai Hatamoto 01.png

Yoriki Samurai are tough, muscular samurai of the Shogun's Army. They behave similar to the Kairgi, although they cannot infuse their blades with the elements or taunt their opponent.


  • Prior to the Version 2.0, the Shogunate is also referred to as the "Inazuma Bakufu".


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