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The Shooter is the main antagonist of the Season 5 episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air entitled "Bullets Over Bel-Air".

He was portrayed by an uncredited Stephen Lang, who also portrayed Miles Quaritch in Avatar, Norman Nordstrom in Don't Breathe, Khalar Zym in Conan the Barbarian, Increase Mather in Salem, Percy "King" Dimplewade in The Nut Job, The Party Crasher in The Hard Way, and Shrike in Mortal Engines.


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The episode started with the Banks about to go on a camping trip. Will foolishly opened Carlton's raft which caused his hurricane lamp to shatter. Because of this, Will and Carlton go out to the ATM downtown to pay for his lamp. After they get the money, the armed thief threatens them into giving him their money. Will gives him the money, and Carlton replies that he had more in his pocket. The thief shot Will, aiming for Carlton, whom he assumed had a gun in his pocket, and ran away.

Will is then taken to the hospital. He's alive, however, the bullet was significantly close to his spinal cord and it most likely would've shattered, which would've left him completely paralyzed. All of the Banks family members are called in, as well as Will's mother Vy and Will's girlfriend Lisa Wilkes. Carlton was affected by the shooting the most. He was starting to reconsider everything that the law and his father had ever taught him, and was enraged that if the thief was caught, he would most likely get about six months in jail and then be released. This event was so traumatizing to Carlton, he bought himself a gun as a means of protecting himself, and it's also heavily implied that he wanted to go and seek revenge. Will reminds him of his life debt to him and talks him into giving him the gun. As Carlton was leaving, Will opened the gun's chamber to see if it was loaded and saw it was as the unfired bullets fell out, causing him to cry at seeing Carlton nearly go down a dark path.


  • The Shooter is unique among antagonists in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air in that he has no comedic traits.


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