The shrike by locollama

The Shrike is a major antagonist in the series of Science Fiction novels The Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons.

It is a mysterious mechanical being of great power, size and cruelty which allegedly serves as the guardian of the planet Hyperion.

it gets its name from the race of Shrike birds due to the habit of impaling its foes and victims in a large construct called the Tree of Pain where they are kept alive to suffer for eternity.

The Shrike can teleport through time and space by merging with the Void Which Binds. Its time travelling ability also gives it immense speed to the point of being hard to see. It also possess great strength and fighting prowess. With its four arms, armed with many blades and spikes, the Shrike can tear apart a large number of enemies. Its armor makes the Shrike also resistant to most weapons and molten lava.

The precise origins of the Shrike are unclear. It is known that it will be created at a point in the galaxy's distant future, although by whom, and for what purpose, remains ambiguous.

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