The Siren (actual name unknown) was an antagonist who appeared on the WB/CW television series Charmed, serving as the main antagonist of the Season 5 episode "Siren Song".

She was portrayed by Melinda Clarke, who also portrayed Jessica Priest in SpawnHelen Collins in Nikita, and Grace van Dahl in Gotham.


Beautiful, seductive, sexual, and eternally vengeful, nothing gave the Siren greater pleasure than forcing wives to watch her thoroughly enthrall their husbands through her irresistible song and feminine wiles, and then killing them through her fatal kiss of death, which the enthralled husbands also eagerly reciprocate.

She never forgot how she had died, and could be relentless when it came to pursuing her victims, as evidenced by how, when she learned that Melissa was alive, she let one of her intended victims go to go after her. Also, as a demon of seduction and sexuality, the Siren had a tendency to make out with her victims first before delivering her fatal kiss, as shown by her encounters with David, Leo, and Cole - in fact, she found Cole so "cute" that she stripped him shirtless and made out with him on her bed, making him more entranced with her than ever. The Siren was also one who was quick to turn a situation to her advantage - while she was initially taken aback by how Cole survived her supposedly fatal kiss, and even tried to teleport away before he grabbed her, she responded to his kissing her again when it was obvious he was still under her spell, and turned him against Phoebe.

Last but not least, the Siren was perfectly confident in herself and her abilities - while the demonic healer who tended her wounds advised her not to go against the Charmed Ones, she believed that despite their powers, they were "no different than any other woman when it comes to love". Ultimately, her confidence was her own downfall, for she ended up being vanquished by Piper's power of molecular combustion.


As revealed by the Warren Book of Shadows, the Siren was originally a mortal woman who fell in love with a married man and had an affair with him. However, when the illicit relationship was discovered, the man was held blameless, and she was burned to death by the village women, who cheered as they did so. Her rage over this injustice consumed her humanity thoroughly, transforming her into an eternally vengeful demon who targeted married couples - she would first seduce the husband with her magical, irresistible song, then kill him with a deadly kiss that utilized the very flames that once consumed her, and finally kill the wife as well with said flames.

The Siren came to Sans Francisco to hunt down and kill married men, was first seen enthralling a man, David, with her song when David's wife, Melissa, entered the bedroom. She then killed David through her kiss, and advanced on Melissa, knocking her unconscious before setting fire to the bedroom.


Unfortunately for the Siren, Melissa was saved by Cole Turner in an attempt to impress his ex-wife, Phoebe, and it turned out that Melissa was a future Whitelighter.

The Siren was next seen in a bar, where she seduced another married man, but before they kissed, she saw a news report about Melissa's rescue by Cole, which enrages her to the point that she left her confused prey, saying that it was his lucky day. She teleported into Melissa's hospital room just as Leo Wyatt entered and held out a hand to stop her. Upon seeing Leo's wedding ring, the Siren enthralled him with her song, caressed him from head to shoulder, and engaged him in a passionate kiss. While Leo's Whitelighter powers protected him from the otherwise fatal kiss, he was still weakened. Piper and Paige orbed in and broke them up - Paige grabbed a metal pole and whacked the Siren's back with it, causing her to fall over into a tray, and Piper tried to combust the Siren, but failed due to her powers being altered by her unborn baby. The Siren then sent Piper flying out of the window, but ended up being completely stabbed through the stomach by Paige throwing the metal pole at her.

The Siren teleported away, and sought a demonic healer's services for her injury. As the healer treated her, he advised her to leave before the Charmed Ones came after her, pointing out that she barely got away, and that she did not stand a chance against them. However, as typical of her vengeful nature, the Siren dismissed his advice, believing that the Charmed Ones were no different from other women where love was concerned.

Later, when Cole interrogated the healer about the Siren's whereabouts, the Siren approached him from behind while singing her song, bringing him completely under her thrall. The healer smugly, knowingly remarked on how they would want to be alone, and teleported away. Cole walked to the Siren, who stroked his hair, but stopped him when he leaned down for a kiss, telling him to be patient, for she now needed to "sing for his witch".

While summoning Phoebe through her song, the Siren stripped Cole shirtless and made out with him on her bed - kissing him everywhere but his lips, and always pulling back or stopping him each and every time he tried to kiss her on the lips. When she sensed Phoebe's arrival, the Siren remarked that she actually had fun with him while stroking his hair, and finally pulled him in for the fatal kiss. After Cole fell back on the bed, seemingly lifeless, the Siren remarked to Phoebe that while he was "cute", killing the husband was still her favorite part, and then blasted Phoebe against a wall, claiming that no one got away with hurting her. In retaliation, Phoebe threw a vanquishing potion at her, but it disintegrated in midair. Shocked and confused, the Siren turned to see a very-much-alive Cole sitting up on her bed, his outstretched arm revealing that he had been the one who destroyed the potion.

The Siren could not believe he was still alive, openly stating that it was impossible for him to be. Cole said that he wanted her for himself, and approached her, causing her to try to teleport away, but he grabbed hold of her before she could, and pulled her towards him, smiling at her. As she regarded him in fear, Cole leaned down and kissed her - a long, passionate kiss that revealed he was still under her spell, much to Phoebe's shock and horror. Realizing how she could use this to her advantage, the Siren returned his kiss, and turned him against Phoebe. In fact, she smilingly watched him strangle Phoebe, and stroked his hair and back in encouragement while remarking that he would be "handy" in dealing with Phoebe's sisters. Leo and Piper arrive, and Leo, temporarily possessing Piper's combustion power, tries to kill the Siren before finally succeeding at the third try.

Powers and Abilities

As a demon of seduction, sexuality, and vengeance, the Siren possessed the powers of:

  • Siren Song: The ability to emit irresistible sound that lures anyone who hears it towards the user. This was one of the Siren's primary powers - she could lure both husbands and wives with her song, which she usually hummed. Another ability she derived from this was:
    • Subliminal Seduction: Through her song, the Siren was able to project irresistibly seductive thoughts into the minds of the husbands whom she lured, enabling her to effortlessly and thoroughly seduce them into wanting sex with her, and even doing anything and everything they could to please her. Under her thrall, David relished in her touching him everywhere, and was openly desperate for her to kiss him, not caring at all even when she told him that his wife had arrived. Leo appeared to utterly forget how he was supposed to protect Melissa from her, and grabbed her waist tight as they kissed. Likewise, Cole let her strip him shirtless and push him back onto her bed, and relished in her kissing him everywhere, and tried to kiss her on the lips at every turn. Even after surviving her supposedly-fatal kiss, he stayed under her thrall - destroying the vanquishing potion meant for her, pulling her into another passionate kiss, and turning on Phoebe for trying to kill her. As shown by how Cole turned back to normal after the Siren's death, the only way to break a victim free of this trance was to vanquish her.
  • Kiss of Death: The ability to be able to kill someone with a kiss. This was another of the Siren's most notable powers - she killed husbands by burning their lungs from the inside while passionately kissing them on the lips. However, it was shown that other powerful magical beings could be immune to this ability - as Leo was a Whitelighter, the Siren's kiss merely incapacitated him. Also, due to the massive demonic powers he absorbed, Cole survived her kiss.
  • Pyrokinesis: The ability to create, shape, and manipulate fire. The Siren channeled this power through her hands - after killing David, she set his and Melissa's apartment on fire with a wave of her hand.
  • Telekinesis: The ability to move objects using only the power of one's mind. The Siren channeled this power through her hands - she sent Piper flying out of the hospital window and, later, Phoebe slamming against a wall.
  • Smoke Teleportation: The ability to teleport through smoke, merging into smoke and appearing anywhere else from the same element.
  • Sensing (limited): The ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them. However, the Siren's sensing power was limited, for it was shown to be exclusive to the wife of the particular husband whom she was seducing.
  • Superhuman Strength: The Siren possessed physical strength far beyond that of an average human being - she threw Melissa across a room with seemingly little or no effort at all.
  • Healing Factor: The ability to heal rapidly from any physical injury. The Siren survived being impaled by a metal pole (a usually-lethal wound), and was later healed through a demonic healer's services. However, she was no match for Piper's combustion power, through which she was vanquished.
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