The Third Neo Zeon movement, nicknamed "The Sleeves", are the main antagonists of the Mobile Suit Gundam Universal Century OVA series Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn. They are the remnants of the second Neo Zeon led by Char Aznable that emerge three years after the Second Neo Zeon War to continue the fight for Spacenoid autonomy using terrorist methods.


After the Second Neo Zeon War ended in the death of Char and the failure to drop the Axis colony on Earth, the remnants of Neo Zeon went into hiding and reformed into the Third Neo Zeon movement, emerging three years later to continue the fight for Spacenoid independence. Their leader was Full Frontal, a Cyber-Newtype clone of the original Char created by a science project funded by politicians from the Republic of Zeon, who hoped to covertly use the Sleeves and Full Frontal to prevent the Republic's dissolution into the Earth Federation.

They attempted to overthrow the Earth Federation by obtaining Laplace's Box, an object said to contain a secret that could topple the Earth Federation. However, the Sleeves were defeated by the combined efforts of Londo Bell, the ECOAS task force of the Earth Federation and Banagher Links.



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