The Soiffards are bamboo-like jiang shi monsters, they roam the forests of Pandalouise, looking for victims to touch and transfer their spell, transforming them into horrifying beasts of the night. Are titular villains in only episode appearance of season 2 from Wakfu.


These beings have no physical consistency, the arrows of Evangelyne and the blows of the sword of Tristepin pass through without affecting them; on the other hand, as soon as it crosses a living being, human or animal, this one is transformed into one of theirs. Amalia is the last to become infected, but by the time she started to turn into a monster, a pandawa sprinkled her with bamboo milk which healed her instantly. His savior is named Pandiego de la Vega. It is one of the few survivors of the region. He explains to Amalia that the monsters who attacked them were Pandawas who transformed themselves after drinking bamboo milk that seawater had infected.

Fortunately, there is another way to obtain such a quantity of bamboo milk. There is in the village the vintage Jack Pandaniel, a reserve that contains many barrels. Inside this building there is much more than enough to treat the whole village. The only difficulty is that it takes someone to bait and lure the farriers away from the entrance. Bravely, Amalia offers Yugo. Risk taking is not his forte and Yugo has the advantage of being very mobile thanks to his teleportation portals. Luckily, the reserve was built in this material. Among the assailants, Amalia spots Tristepin and Evangelyne, they let them in and then sprinkle them with bamboo milk to restore their normal appearance. This help is welcome but not enough because each time they heal a pandawa, it is immediately contaminated again.

To heal the rest of the village, the dolls are sent to high altitude thanks to the gates of Yugo, then they spit out their bamboo milk which forms a rain that waters the whole area and heals the last people still infected. The last good news is that thanks to a tear from Amalia, one of Pandiego's bamboo shots has mutated giving her the ability to push in seawater. Amalia is not aware that this is her own tear that spawned this phenomenon, she thinks it is the Sadida God who heard her prayers.



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