Your journey ends here.
~ The Sorcerer to his enemy Spyro.

The Sorcerer is the main antagonist of Spyro: Shadow Legacy. He is an evil dragon who is responsible for causing the Calamity that drained most of the magic from the world.


Most of the Sorcerer's history is unknown, but what is known is that he built three Shadow Amplifier machines that were responsible for the Calamity, which pulled people into the Shadow Realm where they were imprisoned. While Spyro began the task of freeing the people from the Shadow Realm, the Sorcerer randomly appeared during Spyro's travels and teleported away when he draws near.

After Spyro saved everyone in the Realms, he confronted the Sorcerer, who offered Spyro to join him. Spyro refused, and the Sorcerer retreats into his castle to engage him in battle. At the start of the battle, the Sorcerer transformed into an enormous dragon but was ultimately defeated. The Sorcerer escaped, and was said to be building up power for his next attack.


The Sorcerer wears a black robe with a hood that covers most of his features. He seems to be an anthropomorphic purple dragon wielding a magic sceptre. While transformed into a large dragon, he possesses four wings, red spikes and horns, and a design on his tail-spike resembling his black gold scepter with a ruby gem attached to the top of it.


The Sorcerer considers only himself as a "true" dragon and superior to Spyro and the other dragons, whom he claims are not true dragons.

He was quite a sadistic and dark Spyro villain who wanted everything to go the way he plans, not caring about the consequences even if it involved torturing children until they're magic is drained out of them.





  • The Sorcerer's Scepter

    The Sorcerer and the Sorceress both hold a wand.
  • His dragon form in game resembles Malefor, the main antagonist in the The Legend of Spyro series.
    • The Sorcerer himself is believed to be the classic version of Malefor, due to the fact that the Shadow Legacy was created by the same story production team as The Legend of Spyro series and his resemblance to him in Dragon form.
  • It is unknown where the Sorcerer escaped to but it is rumoured that if the classic series carried on, he would be the main antagonist.
  • Despite him having limited screen time, he is one of the darker Spyro villains because he wanted to send everyone, even children, into the Shadow Realm just so he could drain them of their power.


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