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Villain Overview

Now, watch how a real sorceress dispatches her enemies!
~ The Sorceress' most famous quote.

The Sorceress, also known as the "Queen of the Forgotten Worlds", is the main antagonist of the third Spyro the Dragon video game Spyro: Year of the Dragon. She is a sinister dinosaur-like witch who rules the long-lost Forgotten Worlds with her army of Rhynocs and has proven to be one of Spyro's most powerful and wicked foes ever faced.

In in the original version, she was voiced by Flo Di Re, who also voiced the Vie de Marli's Protectorate clan priestess and Lucia's adopted mother Matier in Devil May Cry 2. In Spyro Reignited Trilogy, she is voiced by Misty Lee.



The Sorceress' original design.

The Sorceress appears as a female anthropomorphic dinosaur mixed with a hippopotamus with blue scales and a yellow underbelly. She wears a white ruff collar around her neck, as well as a tall golden jeweled crown and a gold, horned necklace with a magenta opal gem and wields a staff with a dragon egg on it.

In the remake, the Sorceress's look was made more dynamic, with the addition of lipstick, a purple vest, a ring on her left index finger and purple spines on her tail.


The Sorceress is bad-tempered, vile, ungrateful, and loves to bully her servant/apprentice Bianca. A typical dictator who sends her minions to do her dirty work before she can do it herself in the end, the Sorceress is a malicious queen and a power-hungry individual. She also had no qualms about murdering children, as shown when she revealed the real reason she stole all the dragon eggs, making her extremely dark as far as Spyro villains go.

Powers and Abilities

The Sorceress' Wand

The Sorceress can conjure magic spells, one of them notable to turn any normal creature into a ferocious monster. Using her royal golden wand, presumably provided by the magic of a dragon egg attached to her sceptre, she can conjure fireballs and launch a large array of electrical energy spheres, as well as release an electrical discharge from her wand to attack at close-range. can also create a temporary green magic aura as a shield if her opponents gets too close to her.

Her most infamous ability is her own self-longevity. She was able to use her magic to keep herself alive for a thousand years, and even survive falling in a pit of lava the first time, but was unable to revive herself after falling into a pond of acid.



The Sorceress sits on her royal throne.

Long ago, the Sorceress lived in a faraway land alongside the dragon race. But then one day, she and the Dragon Elder, Astor got into a bad argument (likely over the Sorceress' cruel ways), and rather than find a peaceful solution, she used her sorcery to banish him and the rest of his kind to the other side of the world far outside their former homeland, thus allowing her to do as she pleased from that point forward. However, she had no idea at the time that the dragons themselves were the very source of the magic in the former Dragon Kingdom, including her own magic as well. And so everything and everyone in the newly named "Forgotten Worlds" ended up paying the price for her foolishness by having their magic slowly drain away with each passing year. This was especially hazardous for the Sorceress, who needed magic in order to stay alive.

At some point, the Sorceress met a young anthropomorphic rabbit named Bianca, who she agreed to take under her wing as her apprentice. Despite all the abuse she suffers under her teacher, Bianca was still eager to learn what the Sorceress had to teach and willing to carry out her orders. She also learned a spell that would make her immortal, but required many dragon wings

Spyro: Year of the Dragon

In order to restore the depleting magic, the Sorceress ordered Bianca and several Rhynocs to invade the Dragon Worlds and steal all of their eggs. After congratulating Bianca for her success, the Sorceress commands her guard the tunnel to the Dragon Kingdom to prevent anyone from coming through. She then also commanded her minions to hide the eggs all across the Forgotten Worlds and deal with anyone who tries to take them back. For malicious reasons, the Sorceress also allowed the Rhynocs to rampage across the land, terrorizing its inhabitants and imprisoning anyone that should dare to resist. She even captured certain individuals who have proven to be quite troublesome, such as Sheila the Kangaroo, Sgt. Byrd, Bentley the Yeti, and Agent 9. She also employed the greedy bear, Moneybags to keep guard over them until their execution time.

When she learned that Spyro and his friends, Hunter and Sparx had arrived to take the eggs back, she ordered Bianca to get rid of them. After she had failed to scare them off, the Sorceress scolds her for her failure and gives her a spellbook that would allow her to create a monster to eliminate Spyro. Though disturbed by her teacher's murderous intent, Bianca follows her orders and transforms one of the Rhynocs into a toad-like monster named Buzz.

Unfortunately, Bianca's creature failed to defeat the young dragon, causing the Sorceress to scold her again, but even more harshly. Having lost faith in her apprentice, she decides to take matters into her own hands. When Bianca questions if stealing the eggs were really the right solution to their problem, the Sorceress reminds her that if unless Dragons are returned to the Forgotten Worlds, all the magic in it will eventually die out, including the Sorceress herself and Bianca's dream of becoming a sorceress as well. She then demonstrates her own evil magic by transforming another Rhynoc into Spike, a large satyr-like monster with a raygun.

After Spike was defeated too and Spyro continued to collect eggs, she finally becomes fed up and declared she would create the most powerful monster of all and have it kill all the Dragons, including the newborns. When Bianca questions this, the Sorceress reveals she had no intention of allowing the dragons to live in the first place; she only wanted their wings so she could create a spell that would grant her immortality. Shocked by this revelation, Bianca finally sees her teacher for the vile monster she really was and leaves in disgust. Disappointed in her former apprentice, the Sorceress vows to deal with her after dealing with Spyro, and so she uses an unwilling Rhynoc to create her ultimate monster; Scorch, a gargoyle-like creature that can spit out eggs which spawn other creatures, though he was defeated as well.

The Sorceress' Lair at her Castle.

After collecting enough eggs, Spyro was finally able to face the tyrannical Sorceress herself, who was immune to his regular attacks. But thanks to some powerful munitions provided by Agent 9, the young dragon was able to hurt the Sorceress, and seemingly killed her when she fell into the lava moat of her own arena, revealing the 147th egg (which was wedged in her scepter) and left.

But the wicked queen escapes from the lava within her castle arena and takes refuge in the Super Bonus Round, a secret castle in the high peaks of a snowy island where she hid a large stash of all of the treasure in the Forgotten Worlds. But Spyro finds her again, and after an intense hover platform fight, she is sent flying into pink acid, killing her for good.


In Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly, one year after her defeat, a balloon in the shape of the Sorceress appeared in the party where the baby dragons get their dragonflies. The Sorceress balloon scared Hunter, but Spyro explained that it is just a float, and called Hunter a "scaredy-cat".


Bianca: *panting* We managed to... capture the eggs, your highness... Every last one!
Sorceress: Excellent! Maybe you'll amount to something after all. Now, go guard the tunnels. Stop anyone from coming through!
~ The Sorceress telling Bianca to guard the tunnels leading to the Forgotten Worlds.
Sorceress: Listen carefully, you stupid girl! I'm going to ask you one more time - why haven't you disposed of that infernal dragon?!
Bianca: I-I've tried scaring him off, your highness. But he's just not afraid of anything.
Sorceress: Not afraid? NOT AFRAID!? Why have I been
training you all these years? Use… some… MAGIC!
~ The Sorceress scolding Bianca for not getting rid of Spyro properly.
Sorceress: Here's a spell book. Whip up a monster… and eliminate him.
Bianca: Uh... kill him?
Sorceress: I don't care what you do, you useless brat, as long as you get rid of him!
~ The Sorceress showing her ruthlessness as she commands Bianca to destroy Spyro.
Sorceress: You bumbling, idiotic, worthless fool! I ask you to carry out one simple task and you fail me! I should have known better than to rely on a child!
Bianca: But-
Sorceress: Don't worry about it.
I will deal with them now.
~ The Sorceress scolding Bianca again and planning to deal with Spyro and Hunter herself.
Bianca: These eggs can't be worth all this trouble!
Sorceress: Without dragons, the magic of this world will wither away. Without magic, I'll die. And so will your ever-slim chance of becoming a SORCERESS! Now, watch how a
real sorceress dispatches her enemies!
~ The Sorceress explaining to Bianca about the mass theft of Dragon Eggs is needed to save the Forgotten Worlds as well as her own life.
How would you like some dragon for lunch?
~ The Sorceress before turning one of her minions into Spike.
Sorceress: That's it, I've had enough! I'm going to create a monster to end all monsters! And I'm going to send it out to destroy all the dragons, even the little hatchlings! Yes, yes! It will smash them, and crush them, and grind them, and tear them! Yes, smear them, and smoosh them, and crack them, and crease them!
Bianca: But, uh... won't that kill them?
Sorceress: It doesn't matter; as long as I can still collect their
Bianca: What? All this time, you only wanted them for their wings?
Sorceress: Of course, you ignorant girl. I need them for a spell, so I can live FOREVER!
Bianca: Uh, wait a second... A spell!?
Sorceress: What did you think I was going to do with all those dragons? Open a zoo?
~ The Sorceress plotting to create Scorch to kill all the dragons and revealing her true plan to Bianca.
Bianca: You said just keeping them in our world was enough! You never said you have to kill them!
Sorceress: I don't
have to kill them… it just stops them from wriggling so much.
Bianca: You're terrible! I can't believe I ever listened to you!
~ The Sorceress showing her true absolute evil, which disgusted Bianca enough to leave.
Stupid, insolent brat; I'll take care of her as soon as I finish off that dragon. Now where was I… ah yes!
~ The Sorceress expressing her disappointment in Bianca before creating Scorch.


  • She is also sometimes called the "Sorceress Queen" and "The Evil Sorceress" by some Spyro fans.
  • Unlike the other game bosses in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, the Sorceress alone never have a cutscene that leads up to her first confrontation with Spyro; instead the player is sent straight to the evil witch's arena. In fact, the Sorceress never verbally interacts with Spyro at all in the entire game.
  • Due to graphical limitations, most characters in the original trilogy have textures for eyes that squish to simulate blinking. The Sorceress, on the other hand, has very large, fully modeled eyes, with fully functioning eyelids. She shares the modelled eyes with Sgt. Byrd, however, the eyelids are a trait unique to her.
  • She is the only evildoer in the original Spyro trilogy to die, as Gnasty Gnorc and Ripto are both revealed to have survived.
  • She is might been referred to as "Hideous Witch", due to Jasper, one of the local troll citizens of the Forgotten Worlds' Enchanted Towers realm, calls his artistic secret operation "Hideous Exploding Witch, Number 9'." which was meant to blow up the Sorceress' golden statue due to the evil tyrantess' vainglorious nature and her outrageous demands.
  • When the Sorceress declared she would use the Dragons' wings to make herself immortal, this likely meant that her magic would continue to exist while all other magics in the land faded away, allowing her to rule completely unopposed.
  • In the original Spyro Year of the Dragon video game, the Sorceress had 12 hit points in her boss fight, but in Spyro Reignited Trilogy, it was lowered down to 10.

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