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A little jumpy today, hmm? You know, I used to be afraid of spiders. Wanna know what I did about it? (Cinder: Learn to kill them?) Oh, no. The world needs spiders. I just made the spiders work for me.
~ Little Miss Malachite to Cinder.

Spider is an antagonistic organization from the American web cartoon series RWBY. They are an enigmatic crime syndicate stationed in Mistral, under the leadership of Little Miss Malachite.



While not much is known about the organization's past, it is known that their leader, Little Miss Malachite, was once afraid of spiders. She got over this by making the spiders "work for her" and overthrew the previous boss. Spiders became the new theme for the group, with every member getting a tattoo of the spider emblem on their bodies and the symbol being used to mark hideouts and territory. After overthrowing the old boss, Lil' Miss Malachite became the second most powerful person in Mistral, with only Leonardo Lionheart being more powerful than her.

In the past, a young Roman Torchwick stole from one of her clients and had him brought to her. After meeting him, she saw potential in him and invited him to Join Spider with him accepting.

Following Leonardo Lionheart's death, Lil' Miss became the most powerful person in Mistral.

Volume 6

One day, a Spider bar was visited by Cinder Fall, looking for Little Miss Malachite. Although her bodyguards were resistant to letting Cinder approach, Cinder offered up stolen Lien for her. Little Miss Malachite agreed to speak with her, and Cinder requested that, in exchange for the money, Malachite and the Spiders would track down the students from Beacon academy: Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Jaune Arc, Nora Valkyrie, and Lie Ren. Little Miss Malachite agrees. Cinder is then stratled by shouting, only to realize it is just some of the bar patrons welcoming a newcomer. Malachite observes this and offers advice to Cinder: if you fear something, do not destroy it; make it serve you. She explains that she used to be afraid of spiders, but made the Spiders work for her. Cinder looks around the bar to realize every patron is tattooed with the Spiders' emblem. She proceeds to leave. One of Malachite's bodyguards then asks her why she did not tell Cinder that they were hired by "the big guy" to find the students and already succeeded. Little Miss Malachite explains it is because they do not know who Cinder is, and who may be looking for her.

Little Miss Malachite gets the information and gives it to Cinder, but also sells her out to Neopolitan, who blames her for Roman Torchwick's death. The two fight in the bar until Little Miss gets their attention and instructs them to take the fight outside. The two villainesses look around to see the gang surrounding them with weapons drawn, then proceed to take their battle to the street.




  • Spider allude to the antagonistic spider from the nursery rhyme "Little Miss Muffet", as Little Miss Malachite alludes to the titular character.


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