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The Stitchwraith (possessed by two children named Jake and Andrew), is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

It is a mysterious hooded figure being investigated for the murder of five people and implied to have some sort of link to the various animatronics encountered in the series' short stories. It is later revealed to be a rogue endoskeleton fueled by pure agony and possessed by two children.

It has only appeared in the epilogues of the four books that were released so far (out of seven).


At first, little was known about the Stitchwraith's appearance, as it is only active by night and wears a black, hooded cloak to hide its identity. However, a photo showing (what is supposedly) the Stitchwraith depicted it to be wearing a white mask with features like two eyes, one of which has been blackened out, and a grin with a missing tooth drawn onto it. The mouth is surrounded by something red, but it is unknown if this is paint or blood.

When the Stitchwraith was created, it was merely a broken, bare metal endoskeleton. The white mask is actually a part of its head, as it was taken from a doll that a child used to draw on excessively. It is likely that it has since decorated or replaced pieces of its endoskeleton body with the numerous parts it has been collecting.


Into the Pit

The Stitchwraith's mere existence has been subject of heavy debate, being usually dismissed as nothing more than an urban legend. Nevertheless, the local police has been trying to investigate it due to being the prime suspect in a string of five murders, where the victim's bodies were found to be decomposing with their eyes bleeding some kind of black substance similar to blood.

Detective Larson has enlisted the help of homeless drug addict "Grim" to locate the Stitchwraith and find out what it is doing. It was first seen scouring the dumpsters of an alley for something and found a mannequin that it then stuffed in a bag and took with it.

Apparently, in Into The Pit the Stichwraith seems to be connected with the story To Be Beautiful, where a group of popular kids at a school have to go to therapy after they saw protagonist Sarah turn into a walking pile of junk right in front of them. The same therapists also seemed to have patients who talked about a mysterious cloaked figure, which clearly describes the Stitchwraith.


Grim first found the Stitchwraith next to some train tracks. Keeping himself hidden, he observed it using a pry bar to gather the broken remains of an unusual Plushtrap Chaser, which had bloody human teeth and eyes scattered around and wedged in the train tracks. It put the collected scraps into a bag and disappeared into the night.

Unbeknownst to Grim, this particular Plushtrap Chaser was lured onto the train tracks by a trio of kids after it tried to kill them in the previous short story Out of Stock. According to a couple of employees overheard by one of the kids, this model was apparently bought, modified, and then returned to the toy store by an unknown customer. Whether this is merely coincidence or if the Stitchwraith was aware of this remains to be seen.

1:35 AM

The Stitchwraith's origin story is finally revealed in a flashback during the third book's epilogue.

Dr. Phineas Taggart was a secluded scientist fascinated with the energies of human emotions. The research he conducted in the personal laboratory he set up inside of an abandoned factory showed that intense emotions have a direct (if sometimes subtle) influence on their surroundings, with flowers being particularly perceptive. He later discovered that negative emotions have a significantly more powerful impact when compared to positive ones, and agony was by far the strongest. For his research, he bought supposedly "haunted" objects online, such as used torture equipment and a rocking chair that rocks on its own, among others. However, he himself dislikes the term as the objects aren't possessed by spirits; rather, he believed them to be "energized by agony".

Today was the special day, because his newest delivery had finally arrived. He had ordered a broken endoskeleton for his biggest project yet, along with some new haunted objects. He conducted the energy of their agony into the endoskeleton, then decided to give it some personality by replacing parts of it with pieces from his collection. First he replaced its head with that of a drawn-on doll, then gave it the battery of a broken, ugly animatronic dog that Phineas considered to be the most menacing item in his possession, and was glad to finally take apart. When the battery sat in place, the energized animatronic began to move. As Phineas laughed madly over his success, his creation turned to look at him and reached out its hand to touch him. As soon as its metal fingers touched his skin, its battery started to glow red and Phineas was killed just slowly enough to feel the excruciating agony that suddenly overwhelmed his brain.

Ruben, the owner of a food truck outside of Phineas's laboratory, found his corpse a day later when he began to worry why he didn't show up for his regular eating schedule. His corpse was almost mummified with a black substance bleeding from his eyes, and police investigation suspected that he was killed by an electrical discharge of some kind. When a truck transported his belongings out of the building, the animatronic was among them. It awakened once more, looked around, and grabbed a black cloak from his clothing that caught its interest. The animatronic then left the truck and escaped into the night.

Thus, this night marked the birth of the urban legend: the Stitchwraith.

Step Closer

The epilogue reveals a new detail - the Stitchwraith is possessed by two children, Jake and Andrew, who control the head and body respectively, though only Jake is able to actually see. Jake is nice and kind while Andrew is rude and aggressive, seeking vengeance against an unknown man who hurt him, likely while he was still alive.


  • There has been some speculation as to who or what the Stitchwraith's real identity is. The most popular theory was that it is Ennard, as the description of a white mask with one blackened eye is very similar to the mask Ennard often wears. The withered corpses of its victims could be crude attempts to hollow out more bodies to use as a disguise, while the salvaging of junk from dumpsters could be it trying to find parts to repair itself with.
    • That theory was debunked when 1:35 AM confirmed that the Stitchwraith is simply an endoskeleton, fueled by negative emotions.
  • The Stitchwraith is one of three main antagonists in the franchise to not be connected to William Afton in some way, with the others being Scott Cawthon and L.O.L.Z.H.A.X.
  • The short stories To Be Beautiful, Fetch, Out of Stock and 1:35 AM are all connected with the epilogues, as each of these are either referenced by or mention characters featured in the latter.
    • It's also implied that Into the Pit, Count the Ways and Room for One More are also connected to the Stitchwraith.
  • After the Step Closer epilogue was revealed, the Stitchwraith might be a metaphor for Golden Freddy, and that Golden Freddy is actually two children instead of just one as was presumed before.


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