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The Stitchwraith (possessed by Jake, Andrew and William Afton), is the overall main protagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

It serves as the main antagonist of Epilogue 1, 2 and 3, the main protagonist of Epilogue 4, 5 and 6 and the deuteragonist of Epilogue 7, 8 and 9.

It is a mysterious hooded figure being investigated for the murder of five people and indirectly responsible for some of the various animatronics encountered in the series' short stories. It is later revealed to be a rogue endoskeleton fueled by pure agony and possessed by two children and a serial killer.


At first, little was known about the Stitchwraith's appearance, as it is only active by night and wears a black, hooded cloak to hide its identity.

However, a photo showing (what is supposedly) the Stitchwraith depicted it to be wearing a white mask with features like two eyes, one of which has been blackened out, and a grin with a missing tooth drawn onto it. The mouth is surrounded by something red, but it is unknown if this is paint or blood.

When the Stitchwraith was created, it was merely a broken, bare metal endoskeleton. The white mask is actually a part of its head, and it's a doll named Simon that was possessed by Jake after his death.


Epilogue 1

The Stitchwraith's mere existence has been subject of heavy debate, being usually dismissed as nothing more than an urban legend. Nevertheless, the local police has been trying to investigate it due to being the prime suspect in a string of five murders, where the victim's bodies were found to be decomposing with their eyes bleeding some kind of black substance similar to blood.

Detective Larson is tasked to investigate about him.

Apparently, the Stichwraith seems to be connected with the story To Be Beautiful, where a group of popular kids at a school have to go to therapy after they saw protagonist Sarah turn into a walking pile of junk right in front of them. The same therapists also seemed to have patients who talked about a mysterious cloaked figure, which clearly describes the Stitchwraith.

Epilogue 2

Grim first found the Stitchwraith next to some train tracks. Keeping himself hidden, he observed it using a pry bar to gather the broken remains of an unusual Plushtrap Chaser, which had bloody human teeth and eyes scattered around and wedged in the train tracks. It put the collected scraps into a bag and disappeared into the night.

Unbeknownst to Grim, this particular Plushtrap Chaser was lured onto the train tracks by a trio of kids after it tried to kill them in the previous short story Out of Stock. This model was different from the others, having organic eyes and teeth, as well as a murderous nature. Additionally, it was later revealed to be fueled by Andrew's agony.

Epilogue 3

The Stitchwraith's origin story is finally revealed in a flashback during the third book's epilogue.

Dr. Phineas Taggart was a secluded scientist fascinated with the energies of human emotions. The research he conducted in the personal laboratory he set up inside of an abandoned factory showed that intense emotions have a direct (if sometimes subtle) influence on their surroundings, with flowers being particularly perceptive. He later discovered that negative emotions have a significantly more powerful impact when compared to positive ones, and agony was by far the strongest. For his research, he bought supposedly "haunted" objects online, such as used torture equipment and a rocking chair that rocks on its own, among others. However, he himself dislikes the term as the objects aren't possessed by spirits; rather, he believed them to be "energized by agony".

Today was the special day, because his newest delivery had finally arrived. He had ordered a broken endoskeleton for his biggest project yet, along with some new haunted objects. He conducted the energy of their agony into the endoskeleton, then decided to give it some personality by replacing parts of it with pieces from his collection. First he replaced its head with that of a drawn-on doll, then gave it the battery of a broken, ugly animatronic dog that Phineas considered to be the most menacing item in his possession, and was glad to finally take apart. When the battery sat in place, the energized animatronic began to move. As Phineas laughed madly over his success, his creation turned to look at him and reached out its hand to touch him. As soon as its metal fingers touched his skin, its battery started to glow red and Phineas was killed just slowly enough to feel the excruciating agony that suddenly overwhelmed his brain.

Ruben, the owner of a food truck outside of Phineas's laboratory, found his corpse a day later when he began to worry why he didn't show up for his regular eating schedule. His corpse was almost mummified with a black substance bleeding from his eyes, and police investigation suspected that he was killed by an electrical discharge of some kind. When a truck transported his belongings out of the building, the animatronic was among them. It awakened once more, looked around, and grabbed a black cloak from his clothing that caught its interest. The animatronic then left the truck and escaped into the night.

Thus, this night marked the birth of the urban legend: the Stitchwraith.

Epilogue 4

This epilogue is told from the Stitchwraith's perspective and reveals a new detail - The Stitchwraith is possessed by two children: Jake and Andrew. While each has a certain amount of control over the body, Jake is the only one able to actually see. Jake is timid and kind while Andrew is rude and aggressive, seeking vengeance against an unknown man who hurt him, likely while he was still alive.

Jake woke up inside of the truck that was transporting Phineas's belongings out of his lab, aware that he was inside of a metal thing he couldn't identify, but couldn't remember much else. He was however also aware that he wasn't alone inside of the metal thing and gave a small greeting. Andrew answered and demanded to know who Jake was, who recognized Andrew's voice as that of a former classmate of his who would always talk back to the teachers. As the two of them discussed their predicament, Andrew recalled being in a bunch of different stuff, but refused to elaborate. When he asked why it was any of Jake's business to know, Jake said he wanted to be friends with him and that friends tell each other things. Andrew initially scoffed at the idea, but then relented and asked Jake if he's ever been so angry on someone that he wants revenge for it. Jake answered that he remembered being angry at situations, but his memories are kinda fuzzy.

Andrew remembered "attaching" himself to the soul of somebody who hurt him and wanting him to suffer as he had, but doesn't remember what exactly it was that the man did, admitting that his memories are fuzzy like Jake's are. There were others aswell who wanted to both save and kill the man, but Andrew refused to let him move on until he was ready to. He was still with the man when they arrived at a "big place with lots of cool stuff", where he suddenly decided to switch to something else, passing into various objects and finally into Fetch. Fetch broke down in a thunderstorm and that's how he ended up in the body they now shared.

While they were talking Jake noticed the truck coming to a halt and a man in overalls opening the back of the truck, starting to unload it. When he reached for them, Jake knew he had to do something. He didn't want to scare the man, but he didn't want him and Andrew to be thrown away either. He turned to look at the man, who stared back in alarm. Jake wanted to comfort him by touching his face, but the moment he did so the man screamed and rapidly withered to death. Shocked, Jake made their body jump out of the truck and stared at the corpse, demanding to know from Andrew why he suddenly died. Andrew suggested that it was probably him, saying that he wanted to scare people by zapping them. When Jake angrily asked him if he wanted to kill people, Andrew denied. He merely wants to scare them.

This led to Jake suspecting that there might be something else inside of their body that does. Andrew thought the idea was stupid, but Jake wasn't so sure, citing the fact that Andrew was able to "hitchhike" in someone else's body means something can also hitchhike with them. And if that something had followed Andrew and influenced him, it might have also been in everything else Andrew was in. Andrew then recalled "infecting" everything he threw his anger at. While Andrew deflected that he only wanted to hurt the bad guy and didn't know why he should care what happened to those objects, Jake decided that he had to find the objects Andrew infected with his anger.

Epilogue 5

Back at his office desk, Detective Larson managed to figure out a connection between the Stitchwraith and Fazbear Entertainment. The Stitchwraith was an endoskeleton and the dismantled animatronic dog at Dr. Taggart's lab was likely used to build it, and since the dog was manufactured by Fazbear Entertainment that links it to the Freddy's murders somehow. As the Stitchwraith was seen at the site of a still unsolved fire involving one of the founders of Fazbear Entertainment, perhaps it was looking for something they put into evidence.

Meanwhile, Grim once again spotted the Stitchwraith carrying a heavy bag and followed it into an abandoned factory. Inside, he found a large trash compactor and two red flowers on a shelf on the wall and caught a glimpse of a doll inside the cloaked figure's bag as it was dragging it to some junk piles. These junk piles were composed of various animatronic parts Grim noted to be the stuff of nightmares, which convinced him that he should leave immediately.

The scene then fades to Jake's point of view, who had noticed Grim's presence but decided to ignore him, feeling he had a good soul. By now he had managed to collect and destroy several of the objects brought to life by Andrew. As he was wondering about what he did to deserve his predicament, he started experiencing a happy memory where he's eating hot dogs with his smiling dad at a baseball game. The more he focused on this memory, the more he felt separated from the Stitchwraith's body, figuring out that he could pass on fully into the happy memory if he wanted. Unaware of this, Andrew at first simply asked what the flowers are for, but began to call out increasingly desperate to Jake once he noticed that Jake was leaving. Jake decided that he couldn't simply leave Andrew now, leaving his new friend alone with all this anger and confusion, never having been loved. He stopped thinking about the memory and concentrated on the here and now, picking up a can to water the flowers.

Epilogue 6

Detective Larson is in the lab of Phineas, and sees the Stitchwraith in person. The Stitchwraith, not caring about Larson's presence, starts sorting all the trash bag and throws a Foxy the Pirate into a trash compactor. Larson pulls out a gun after the robot is done sorting, and then it switches to the POV of the spirits inside the Stitchwraith: Jake is trying to let Larson live while Andrew tries to kill him. Jake, taking control of the body, throws it straight into the trash compactor to finally end it. Jake and Andrew try to escape the body and ascend, but Andrew is being hold by someone and Jake tries to help him and realises that someone else was in the body all along, and Andrew realises who the third soul is.

Suddenly, out of the junk, the shape of what appears to be a burned skeleton thrust upward. He looked like a creature straight from Hell itself. The creature takes shape, bones cracking, folding and reshaping into rabbit ears straight from the back of William Afton's skull. Jake tries to help Andrew, but William keeps holding his victim, vengeful. Jake went back into the endoskeleton and faced William in the compactor. William shifted his attention to Jake, the boy feeling like he was being mauled and pummeled by a force filled with the never-ending need to inflict pain. Jake knocked Andrew loose from William's hands. Andrew was sucked away and vanished. Jake, meanwhile, fell back into the junk and was engulfed with blackness.

Larson escaped to his sedan and left a recording saying that the Stitchwraith is dead, destroyed itself, and the stuff from the trash compactor came from the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center and the site where William Afton died. Despite not believing in ghosts, after what he just witnessed he wasn't sure about anything. Stopping the recording, he sighed, asking who will believe what he just said. Afterwards, the story focuses on the Miscreation, Afton's newest body, which rejects anything from the Stitchwraith.

Epilogue 7

The Stitchwraith, with Jake's soul once again inside it, rises back up. Against his will, the Stitchwraith's body is being dragged into Afton's AMalgamation slowly, and Jake tries to save any parts he could from being sucked into the thing. Jake sees as Eleanor is crawling away from the other rubbish. Eleanor punches Jake. Eleanor's been pulling out and borrowig into herself the piece of Afton's evil, wich burrowed his way into Jake's soul after hitchhing a ride in Andrew, and was most likely the thing causing the Stitchwraith's touch to be deadly.

After the destruction of the Amalgamation, the Stitchwraith approaches Larson, and uses the power coming from Fetch's battery pack to heal him and get rid of the piece of evil Afton injected into the detective by stabbing him. With Larson passing out, Jake completes the process, and then leaves when he hears ambulance sirens. As he runs away, he remembers to have felt Afton's soul as weak and barely having a grasp on the physical reality, wondering how it could have been able to create and control the Amalgamation, and he has a terrible realization: Afton couldn't have done it alone. He got help from something else, something, if possible, even worse.

Epilogue 8

The Stitchwraith, haunted by Jake, is roaming the streets, as he finds an homeless man. He ends up accidentally touching him, but this time he doesn't die. Instead, Jake is able to see trough the man's memories and watches his entire life unfolding. Wanting to make the man feel better, he manages to make an happy memory the strongest one in the man's mind. He then runs and hides in a brick building, in what looks like a storage room, where he finds a skinny girl. Almost immediately after, two dealers enter inside as well, and start insulting the girl and asking her to give them the money for the drugs they gave him. Jake tells them to let her alone. The two criminals at first make fun of Jake and ignore him. Jake, decided to save the girl, attacks and injures the two criminals. Later, he escapes alongside the girl and reaches a maintenance shed. Towards the end of the epilogue, he hears a metallic rattle. He feels scared by what the thing making the sound could be.

Epilogue 9

Jake returns inside the shed, bringing food, and he meets the girl again. They start talking to each other, with her presenting herself as Renelle. When Jake mentions the men he saved her from, Renelle acts weird at first, demanding who he's talking about. When Jake says he thinks they're dealers, and explains Renelle he protected her from them. She thanks him for that, and say that, even though people consider monsters those like Jake due to his appearence as The Stitchwriath, the real monsters are those who take advantage of others. She then talks about how she supposedly ended up with the dealers. She says her mother died when she was young, and that his father started getting unhealtily obsessed with his job. In the end, she tried to steal money from him, and he kicked her out of her home, when she was only thirteen. Jake then notices Renelle is wearing a silver pendant shaped like an heart. The pendant's description matches the one Eleanor is said to wear in To Be Beautiful.


  • There has been some speculation as to who or what the Stitchwraith's real identity is. The most popular theory was that it is Ennard, as the description of a white mask with one blackened eye is very similar to the mask Ennard often wears. The withered corpses of its victims could be crude attempts to hollow out more bodies to use as a disguise, while the salvaging of junk from dumpsters could be it trying to find parts to repair itself with.
    • That theory was debunked when 1:35 AM confirmed that the Stitchwraith is simply an endoskeleton, fueled by negative emotions. And then, Step Closer revealed he's possessed by two young boys.
  • The short stories Into the Pit, To Be Beautiful, Fetch, Out of Stock, 1:35 AM, Step Closer, The Man In Room 1280, The Real Jake and the upcoming Friendly Face are all connected with the epilogues, as each of these are either referenced by or mention characters featured in the latter.
    • It's also strongly implied, if not confirmed, that Room for One More is also connected to the Stitchwraith plotline as well due to a reference to a place called the Snack Snace, which is mentioned in both that story and Into the Pit.
    • It's also highly likely that Count the Ways, Coming Home and The New Kid are part of the epilogues.
  • Phineas was mentioned earlier in the story 1:35 AM, where a woman haunted by an Ella doll was looking online for information about the doll and came across an ad he posted. His ad said that he was looking for the "special Ella doll," and was willing to pay a fortune for its energy.
  • After the Step Closer epilogue was revealed, the Stitchwraith might be a metaphor for Golden Freddy, and that Golden Freddy is actually two or three spirits instead of just one as was presumed before.
    • Furthermore, the way Andrew recalls wanting a man to suffer as the man had caused him to and refusing to let go is remarkably similar to Ultimate Custom Night, where someone (presumed to be William Afton) was trapped in a personal hell by the Vengeful Spirit that's most likely Golden Freddy. This could suggest that Andrew and the Vengeful Spirit might be one and the same or at least connected.
    • Andrew is described in The Man In Room 1280 as a child with curly black hair and an alligator mask. The only other time that curly black hair was mentioned in the Fazbear Frights series was at the end of The New Kid, where the protagonist, Devon, finds a body inside of Golden Freddy belonging to a person with curly black hair.
  • It's widely speculated that the Stitchwraith is actually Endo-02 from Five Nights at Freddy's 2.
  • While the malevolent entity that has latched onto and followed Andrew has not been revealed yet, with even its very existence being unconfirmed, there is one likely candidate for its identity that has serious implications for the rest of the series: William Afton himself. It connects with Andrew's recollection of the events leading up to becoming the Stitchwraith and Afton is certainly the most malicious individual in the franchise.
    • Should this turn out to be correct, it might even confirm him as being Glitchtrap, rather than it just being a copy of him. It would explain how he managed to escape his personal hell in Ultimate Custom Night and the short story Coming Home in Fazbear Frights #4 makes an off-hand reference to a "developer". This might might be the same developer who worked on the Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience in Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted or the one Fazbear Entertainment hired to discredit the tragedies associated with them.
    • The epilogue of Blackbird throws this into question, both heavily implying that it was William and that he was never attached to the body and came back from the dead only during the epilogue, making the debate still unsolved.
    • The epilogue of The Cliffs indeed confirmed the hitchhiker was Afton's soul.


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