The Stranger, connected to its support unit

When one plays, who cares what happens to the coins? They are merely tools for playing!
~ The mysterious pilot


The Stranger's unnamed pilot is the main villain and true final boss of Giga Wing. It is fought various times throughout the game, only revealing itself if you clear the game without using continues.

Implied to not be human, he is an immortal entity who has total control over the Medallion of Wisdom, which he used to start the war only for his own amusement - he fancies himself as a gambler, seeing everyone involved in the war as the coins which he plays with.

He had caused another World War before for the same reasons, and have actually manipulated the four heroes to make them enter the war. Stuck is the only one who had personally known him, as he had used the medallion's power 30 years before, but he never mentions the pilot's true identity.

Behind the scenes

The Stranger is voiced by Akio Otsuka, who also voiced Stuck.

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