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The Stranger: Do you know who I am?
Lee Everett: No. I don't know anything about you.
The Stranger: You wouldn't. People like you don't. Now you're thinking, "Who would have it out for me?", huh? A few weeks back, there might have been a station wagon in the forest? Full of all sorts of food, water, things you need to survive. Yeah. I'm not some cannibal, Lee. Some killer out in the woods. Some v... villain. I'm just a... Dad.
~ The Stranger cryptically introducing himself to Lee Everett
The Stranger: Have you ever hurt somebody you care about?
Lee Everett: Not on purpose.
The Stranger: If it were on purpose you'd be a sociopath. I hurt her so bad. My son, Adam, went missing. I took him out hunting even though my wife said he was too young. I figured he had to learn. I came back without him and the look on her face said "You are a MONSTER." We all went out looking for him. We never found him. I hurt her so bad. And then we came back and all our stuff was gone. Your people, Lee. That asshole with a ball cap. His stupid f-cking wife. I could've earned her trust back if they hadn't made our situation so desperate. The hungrier we got the more she blamed me. Until she finally took our daughter, Elizabeth, and left. They didn't get far... I... found them a day later. In the road.
~ Stranger's past.
You're a monster. You're a murderer and a thief, and I'm going to hurt you so bad.
~ The Stranger to Lee Everett after talking about the things Lee has done throughout the game to vilify him as a bad guy.

The Stranger, also known as the Campman, is the main antagonist of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One. He served as a cameo character in the first episode "A New Day" (in the remastered version), as the unseen overarching antagonist of the third episode "Long Road Ahead", the overarching antagonist of the fourth episode "Around Every Corner", and the main antagonist of the fifth and final episode "No Time Left". He is the archenemy of Lee Everett.

Before the zombie outbreak began, he was married to a woman called Tess with whom he had a son named Adam and a daughter named Elizabeth; he was also a little league coach. Early in the outbreak while searching for his missing son, the Stranger's wagon is raided by the games' protagonists (Lee Everett, Kenny, Carley/Doug, Katjaa, Ben Paul and Lilly), believing it abandoned, which drives his wife and daughter away to their deaths.

Seeking revenge, the Stranger stalks Lee's group to kill them but later decides to kidnap Lee's surrogate daughter Clementine, believing Lee and unsuitable guardian for her, causing a chain reaction of events that kills/separates most of the group including Lee himself.

He was voiced by Anthony Lam, and by Roger L. Jackson on the radio (who also played Dr. Logan in the game).


When the outbreak began he and his family managed to survive it for three months, the Stranger then decided to take his son Adam hunting with him but he lost him while they were out there and he was forced to return to his wife and daughter without him, they decide to go searching for Adam and take their station wagon to go to find him in the forest.

They fail to find him and to make matters worse they find that the supplies have been stolen from their station wagon, Tess who had completely lost faith in her husband takes their daughter Lizzy and leaves him, the Stranger finds them dead in the road the next day, taking his undead wife's head with him for company.

He tries to find other survivors by searching for frequencies on his walkie talkie and he eventually finds Clementine, an 8 year old girl who is a member of the group that stole his family's supplies, he then pretends to befriend her in order to find out about her group so that he can plan his revenge, however he begins to plan to kidnap Clementine instead because he thinks that he can take better care of her than her group and her guardian Lee Everett can.

When Lee's group is driven out of their home they begin to head to Savannah, the Stranger gets there first and begins stalking the group who are now on edge because they know Clementine's been talking to someone and he saves most of them from being killed by an incoming swarm of zombies by warning them over the walkie talkie, he is later seen watching Lee bury an undead child they found in the house they were staying and but he quickly runs before Lee can get a good look at him.

Lee's group planned to escape Savannah on a boat and once the Stranger finds out that the boat is almost ready he realizes he doesn't have much time left and lures Clementine out of the house and proceeds to kidnap her. This indirectly causes Lee's eventual death as he is bitten by a walker while searching around the neighborhood for her. Clementine manages to get hold of his walkie talkie in order to tell Lee that they are in a hotel called the Marsh House, after this the Stranger keeps her trapped in one of the rooms.

Lee and Carley and Lilly and Larry and Doug manages to reach the Marsh House alone, he and the Stranger finally meet face to face where at gunpoint he forces Lee and Carley and Lilly and Larry and Doug to listen to his story and then proceeds to criticize several of the decisions that Lee has made, after he has done this he tells Lee that after he kills him he will take care of Clementine and that she will be safe with him although Lee remains unconvinced, while the Stranger is distracted with talking to his wife's head Clementine escapes the room and attacks the Stranger in order to save Lee, Lee then proceeds to attack him in rage and after a brief fight the Stranger is killed.

Before leaving with Clementine to safety. Lee, who can either shoot Stranger to prevent reanimation or leave him to reanimate, takes one last look at him seemingly remorseful for indirectly causing the loss of his family and descent into insanity.


Stranger has two optional deaths, depending on Lee's actions during their fight;

  • If Lee successfully strangles the Stranger to death during their fight, he will be given the option to shoot him in the head to prevent reanimation or leave him to reanimate. Lee can shoot him in the head or leave the Marsh House before he turns.
  • If Lee fails to strangle the Stranger to death, he will start to strangle him back, then Clementine will shoot him in the head for saving Lee.


The Stranger: Do I look like a monster to you?
Lee Everett: We all do.
The Stranger: Some more than others. I'm not like you. You walked a little girl into a dairy full of sick people and let them get their hands on her.
Lee Everett: I was trying to find some place safe for her.
The Stranger: You let a boy get yanked out a window and into the night so you could protect a pretty girl with a gun.
Lee Everett: It was impossible to save them. To save them both.
The Stranger: You brought her to the most dangerous place in the city where she could've died.
Lee Everett: I couldn't leave her at the house alone.
~ The Stranger criticizing some of the decisions that Lee made.



  • In the two remastered collections of the series, the Stranger can be seen inside the station wagon driving it at the beginning of Episode 1 "A New Day" when Lee is being taken to prison in the police car. Strangely enough, he's seen driving every car in that scene.
  • The Stranger's real name is never revealed. The game's files refer to him as "Campman", which led to fans to assume that was his real name. The Telltale staff confirmed that he was originally going to be called "Mitch Campman", but they thought it sounded ridiculous, so they decided to call him "The Stranger" since they thought that sounded way better. [1]
  • During the fight with the Stranger, if the player fails the QTE prompt where Lee pushes the Stranger into the closet, he'll shoot Lee in the gut, then there will be another QTE prompt to punch him, extending the fight a bit. After Lee punches him, he'll push him into the closet and the fight will continue like normal.


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