The Summoner (Overwatch: Junkenstein's Revenge)

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One of The Summoner's quotes when entering the castle's courtyardI have been summoned!

Another of The Summoner's quotes when entering the castle's courtyardThe Dragon's fire consumes all!

The Summoner is one of the main antagonists of Overwatch's Junkenstein's Revenge mode. She is a servant to The Witch of the Wilds and an ally of Dr. Jamison Junkenstein.


The Summoner wears armored grieves around her feat and has her wings tucked around her waist, almost acting as a duster of sorts with some sort of metal garb underneath. Her entire body is covered in grayish blue and reddish orange scales with one of her arms garbed in armor while the other is bare. She appears to have glowing dragon-like eyes, horns and what appears to be a tail acting as hair with glowing yellow spines on it, she also appears to be wearing earrings, and certain areas of her body glow with an orange light.



Almost nothing is known about The Summoner's past before meeting the Witch or before becoming part dragon, only that after her transformation it is implied that she burned the village of The Viking and his daughter The Shieldmaiden.

Junkenstein's Revenge

The Summoner took part in the battle of the Adlersbrunn Castle being the third of Junkenstein's allies to join the battle, she began by placing a barrier that prevented damage to any Zomnics behind it (prior to the 2018 version she would place down a shield well that would give all of Junkenstein's forces extra health). After that she attacked the wanderers with the full extent of her power but was ultimately defeated and slain, much to the satisfaction of The Viking and The Shieldmaiden.

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