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I will never forget the accursed name of the Syndicate. They live in the shadows and seek to erode everything that exists in the world. Such is all they know.
~ Stage 1 of the Syndicate Mask Wyrmprint.

The Syndicate is a villainous organization featured in Dragalia Lost.


  • The Doctor: One of the leaders of the Syndicate.
  • Parker: A seemingly reformed member of the Syndicate.
  • Bauer: Bellina's former superior.
  • Syndicate Soldiers: These cronies of the Syndicate wear dark assassin attire and white and purple masks. They wield claws as their weapon of choice.

Former Members

Grace: A long white-haired pale-skinned woman in a mourning dress. She and her late husband worked with the Syndicate on its Synthetic Shapeshifting Project, hoping to research whether or not fusion magic could be used to replace lost limbs. However, they soon realize how inhumane the Syndicate’s experiments were. Soon after that, several of the test subjects of the T1-series escaped and her husband was killed. Following this, she was stricken with painful grief and sought to find Aldred, believing him to be her husband’s killer, in hopes he would kill her. After hearing the above information, Aldred refused to kill her in spite of her actions.

Bellina: A test subject in the IJ-series who is a dark-skinned woman with white hair and a black dress. She makes her first appearance setting a church on fire in an attempt to kill Aldred. However, he manages to best her in a fight. In her sorry state, she begs him to leave in hopes she can fight him again. After seeing him losing in a fight the fiend codenamed Ij-458, she dispatched the fiend with a ball of her mana. Following this, she retreats with Aldred and Andromeda.

Paula: A young woman used as a test subject who tried to lure Aldred into a death trap. When Euden and company dispatched the fiends meant to kill Aldred, she tries to kill him in a suicide move only for him to knock her down. He then tells her to find someplace outside the syndicate and start her life anew.





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