The T's are an antagonistic group of criminals and antagonists in Batman Beyond.


In the show Batman Beyond the Ts are a street gang and are the long time enemies of another gang called the Jokerz. All the members color their skin white except their faces which are colored red in the shape of a capital letter T which is where they get their name from. Most of them where grey trench coats, black pants, and shave their heads. In the episode "Joyride" the Jokerz steal an experimental military jet and use its array of weapons to get even on the Ts by destroying all their bases and members. Batman later finds out that the Jokerz intend to destroy their main headquarters in an old subway station. He tries to warm them but they don't believe him and attack him. He defeats the gang and they run off. They later appear in the episode "Wheres Terry" where a few Ts find Terry's backpack. Bruce Wayne and Max (knowing that Terry is missing without a clue) confront the Ts. Bruce Wayne overs them money for the backpack, however the Ts (knowing better) tackle him and question him about why he wants it. Max then maces one and both of them fight off the Ts except for one who Bruce Wayne interrogates about where he found the pack.

Fat T

He is the leader of the Ts. He looks like an ordinary T only fatter and wheres a different black costume. In "Joyride" he is in his HQ in an old Subway. When Batman comes he thinks he can take him on but is quickly taken down. After he flees his base is destroyed by the Jokerz but still survives. He is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.


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