A hundred thousand dollars! Women... automobile... women... mansion... women... yacht... women!
~ The Taxidermist

The Taxidermist is a one-shot antagonist from short animated film Woody Dines Out, the fourteenth cartoon in the Woody Woodpecker series.

He was voiced by the late Hans Conried.


The Taxidermist specializes in stuffing birds, and was looking for a king-size woodpecker which would be worth a hundred-thousand dollars. That is when Woody, believing his shop was actually a restaurant, entered the place and asked for some food. While initially confused by Woody ordering food, he takes an ad from his coat pocket, offering $100,000 for a stuffed king-sized woodpecker. After fantasizing for a while about women and expensive goods (mostly women), the Taxidermist serves Woody pea soup with an overdose of tranquilizer pills and calls it "Blackout Borscht", which knocks Woody unconscious. When Woody wakes up, he sees the Taxidermist sharpening a knife and the pamphlet for the stuffed woodpecker, so he pretends to be still unconscious, tricking the Taxidermist into smashing his hand on an anvil. He tries to attack Woody with his knife, but Woody escapes on a elevator, making the Taxidermist fall into the shaft. He grabs onto the shaft's walls, but Woody slams the elevator onto him at a high speed. As he hits the bottom, he comes out of the hole created by the impact and disappointed recalls his shattered dreams.


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