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The Teen, also referred to as teenager, is the main antagonist of the Nitrome game Oodlegobs. He is a tan-skinned, brown-haired teen boy with noodle-like arms who intends to destroy MewTube, a cat video sharing website that he despises.


The game opens with the teenager watching videos from MewTube with a couple of other people. After a while, he angrily punches them and creates the Oodlegobs virus which he sends via e-mail to MewTube in order to destroy them. He is not seen again for the rest of the game.

Once the Oodlegobs destroy MewTube, the teen replaces the site with cooking blogs.

He is also seen in the game's front page slider, sitting on the couch with the people seen in the game watching MewTube videos like he does in the beginning of the game. He takes a sheepish look once an Oodlegob shows up in the screen while the other two look horrified.


The teen seems to be willing to take things to the extreme, as he destroyed the MewTube website with a virus just because he despised said website. It is possible that he enjoys cooking and blogs, as implied by him replacing the MewTube website with cooking blogs once his virus destroys it.


The teen has tan-colored skin and brown hair and eyebrows. He also has two ears to the sides of his head and black eyes. His very noodle-like arms seem to be quite bendy, as seen when he is coding Oodlegobs. He wears a purple T-shirt and jean shorts along with grey and white striped socks.


  • When he is coding the Oodlegobs virus, the teen's face greatly resembles a troll face.


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