The Thirty is the secondary antagonist of the 2008 Belgian crime drama film JCVD.

He was portrayed by Jean-François Wolff.

When Jean-Claude Van Damme travels to his hometown in Belgium, he recieves a call from his child custody lawyer who tells him that he needs his pay by midday, Jean-Claude in a hurry, goes to a post office, he is welcomed by a security officer who doesn't allows him to enter telling him there's a problem with the computers, Jean-Claude convices him to let him pass, but once inside he finds out that the post office is being robbed by The Man, The Thirty and the security officer (who's real name is Arthur and is a big fan of Jean-Claude's movies) Jean-Claude is taken hostage along with the other workers and costumers, but one of them tries to steal Arthur's gun, Arthur notices this and fights with the man for the gun for awhile but in the struggle the man is knocked out and the gun is shot and the people outside the post office notices it, The Thirty orders Van Damme to help him move a shelf to cover the window but a policeman sees Van Damme, The Man with the Cap seeing himself in trouble lifts the metal door a little bit and blindly shoots the outside.

Throughout the film The Thirty tries to stay out of trouble but still interested in the situation, finally when Arthur shoots The Man with the Cap in front of him, he is left in shock, the police calls the post office, The Thirty answers and only says "he shot him in the head" and leaves the phone without hanging up, the police desides to let the special forces to enter the post office, The Thirty seeing himself in trouble suffers a breakdown from his calm down normal state, the special forces shoot Arthur and rescue the hostages but as they where taking Van Damme, The Thiry shoots at them and takes Van Damme as hostage, then he takes him at gunpoint outside the post office, Van Damme imagines him freeing himself and knocking The Thirty out with a kick to the face and getting acclaimed by the special forces and the crowd as he normally would do in a movie but in real life he only manages to free himself and the special forces quickly arrest both of them.