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The gun devil might have destroyed our entire home, and killed dad, mom, and grandma. But we didn't die. Whether it's being eaten by devils, our house going in flames, to the three of us getting food poisoning, we didn't die. And that's why we're immortal.
~ The Eldest Brother bragging about his and the rest of his brother's immortality after the youngest brother, Aldo, trying to turn the offer about killing Denji.

The Three Brothers are minor antagonist in Chainsaw Man appearing as antagonists in the International Assassins arc. They are an assassins tasked by the United States government in order to hunt Denji's heart. Befitting their title, they are three related brothers who consisted of the unnamed eldest brother, Joey being the middle brother and Aldo being the youngest brother. Due to the incident with the gun devil that killed their parents and their grandmother, they ended up becoming an assassin as their way of living while perceiving themselves as immortals.


Each of the three brothers are mostly wearing an unbuttoned business suit with white shirt inside of it and wearing a black tie and black pants. Both the unnamed eldest brother and Aldo themselves has a short hair. However, the unnamed eldest brother himself has a beauty mark located in the left of his face and a goatee and having the tidiest hair while Aldo himself has a scar in his right eye. The middle brother, Joey, has the most unkempt hair to distinguish himself from his own brothers.


We're immortal. Why? Because we're ruthless, soulless and emotionless. So don't be afraid.
~ Aldo reminiscing about what one of his elder brothers said as they stand in front of a wrecked home.

Most of the three brothers can be defined as a ruthless assassin who tried their best to get their job done. They can also be an arrogant people as they perceive themselves as immortals who survived several disasters because according to them, they are ruthless, soulless and emotionless. Some of the brothers were also lacking in empathy, evidenced as when the unnamed eldest brother asked Joey about how he felt on killing the hunters from Kyoto, he feels like he stepped on a kitten although it was revealed that he was more annoyed due to his shoes were stained by blood more than anything as the eldest brother laughs. Joey himself can also be perceived as a person who is mostly interested with woman more than anything else as evidenced when he murdered one of the Kyoto Hunters, he shows a bit of disappointed but not because of killing a person but instead he ended up killing a fine woman in his books.

However, despite their seemingly lack of empathy and their ruthlessness, Aldo differs from his elder brothers due to him being a bit of a coward and sometimes showing a bit of a sympathy towards other people. Due to his inexperience with killing a person, Aldo tends to vomit every time he sees a dead body. Due to possessing a redeeming quality compared to his brothers, Aldo also experienced a huge breakdown after he and his brother killed one of the Devil Hunters from Kyoto as he hears his backstory from the friend of his victims. Despite this, Aldo seems to show a hardened resolve in the end due to his memories with his elder brothers and tries his best to kill Denji. In addition to all of this, Aldo can also possess a decent intelligence evidenced with his knowledge at one of the Devil Hunters and how he attempted to survive during the incident with Santa Claus by being one of her fake dolls in order to escape.


During the incident with the Gun Devil that killed their families, the Three Brothers then decided to become assassins that were employed by the country while perceiving themselves as immortals due to their ruthlessness and soullessness. To that end, they made a contract with the Skin Devil in order to aid them to finish the mission as the Skin Devil itself granted their ability to disguise as another person to deceive their targets.

The brothers themselves made an appearance around Chapter 53 when they were tasked by the American government to kill Denji and obtain his heart and will be given 2 million if they succeeded. Hearing this, Joey was seemingly interested because he really wanted to hunt some females in Japan. As the eldest brother also says that they need to kidnap Denji because there are lots of police and public safety that will protect them in order to cover their tracks, Aldo, attempts to suggest his brothers to turn down the offer by the American government due to the risk of their death.

However, when Aldo suggests his brothers to turn the job down, the eldest brother refused to do so because after surviving several disasters that nearly killed them, he perceive himself and his brothers to be immortal and decides to continue the job anyway by going to Japan. Making their first move by intercepting the Devil Hunters from Kyoto when they went to Tokyo to protect Denji which causes their car crashing into the forest, the brothers then ambushed them and then killed them by shooting them mercilessly.

After killing the Kyoto Devil Hunters, it was revealed that Joey was mostly disappointed because he killed a rather fine woman in his books more than anything else. When the eldest brother asks Aldo about his experience on killing the Kyoto Devil Hunters, the latter claims that it was a piece of cake but ended up vomiting after seeing the dead bodies. When the eldest brother asks Joey about his experience, the latter claims that he felt like a person who accidentally step kitten in a road as he feels more annoyed because his shoes becomes dirty because it was stained by the blood as the eldest brother laughs about it.

As the eldest brother disguises himself as one of the Kyoto Devil Hunters, Yutaro Kurose, by using the ability of the Skin Devil, Aldo then tells his brother his knowledge about Kurose's dialect and how he is supposed to act in order to blend in with the Devil Hunters. As they manage to execute their plan, the Eldest Brother then meets one of the Devil Hunters, Kobeni, and her partner, the Violence Devil, who was on their break, the Eldest Brother then tells them about the incident about the Kyoto Devil Hunters being ambushed and asks them to warn the other Devil Hunters immediately about the incident in order to get into Denji easier.

After successfully managing to blend in with the other Devil Hunters and meeting with Denji, the Eldest Brother en attempts to execute his plan by wanting to protect Denji in the mission. However, his plans was thwarted after getting hit by Kobeni's car due to Power's recklessness in driving it which resulted on his disguise getting ripped and the eldest brother meeting his death. Having their identities accidentally uncovered, the two brothers, in their disguise, attempts to escape to the Alleyway as Aldo vomited after seeing their eldest brother's dead body as Joey reminded him to stay calm. However, Joey himself meet his demise after getting killed by one of the Devil Hunters, Hirofumi Yoshida, as Aldo ended up surviving from the trouble as he manages to disguise himself as an innocent bystander who vomited after seeing a dead body.

After surviving the incident, Aldo decides to disguise himself as Kurose and visiting Kurose's best friend to accompany him. When seeing the photos about the real Kurose and his friend conversing about what Kurose's real life looks like, Aldo then suddenly feels remorse and starts to cry due to the fact that he and his brother kills Kurose in cold blood. When Kurose's friend offered the disguised Aldo to quit the job as a devil hunter in their sleep and was asked about if the real Kurose's older brother saw Kurose being a devil hunter, Aldo becomes reminded about the memories regarding his two brothers whose home was wrecked by the Gun Devil and decides to say "A pro always gets his job done." as a devil hunter while returning to his job as an assassin to kill Denji.

During the Department Store incident when Denji and the Devil Hunters were ambushed by Santa Claus's dolls and another mercenary from China, Quanxi, Aldo decides to hide in toilet at first while mumbling "I am immortal" several times before doing his job to kill Denji. When Denji took one of Quanxi's girlfriend as a hostage, Aldo attempts to shoot Denji which backfired and led to an ensuing fight which ended with Aldo getting thrown away from the department store window and landed on Kobeni's car. Aldo makes his latest appearance after Santa Claus is defeated in which he disguised himself as one of her victims by screaming "Halloween" several times in order to escape.


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