The Thug Tug Gang are minor antagonists in the Nickelodeon Movie The Spongebob SquarePants Movie. They are a bunch of thugs who are minions of Victor.


They first appear when Spongebob & Patrick were looking for the key for there car, as the thugs are shown to do is fight, play pool, beat each other up, & talk to each other. When Spongebob spots the key, he asks how will they get it, Patrick answers maybe they can walk in and ask them for it, only for a unnamed thug to beat someone (offscreen). SpongeBob thought an idea that maybe he can do the distracting, only for Patrick to do they distracting. while SpongeBob sneaks in, Patrick asks the thugs if he can have all of there attention, however they all gang up in group, only for Patrick to say he has to go to the bathroom.

When Victor sees a bubble, he tells his thugs that all of them know the rules. which is revealed that whenever someone blows a bubble, they tell them that "All Bubble blowing babies will be beaten senseless by every able bodied patron in the bar".

Later, when Dennis comes to find Spongebob & Patrick, he finds some bubble soap, & blows them to reveal that spongebob & patrick were in the Thug Tug. However, Victor tells Dennis that they got a rule around there tug about "Blowing Bubbles". This is then cut short when Dennis punches Victor Directly into the Thug Tug Club, causing it to sink. Dennis then leaves the remaining thugs in the wasteland with no club or leader.


  • When someone beated up a guy from when SpongeBob & Patrick checked they key, it is actually unknown why he was beated up.
  • it is unknown why they beat up & kill anyone.


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