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The Topplegangers are antagonists in Homestar Runner. They are a group of mercenaries from the Cheat Commandos TV show, and are established as working for whoever pays them the most.


After Gunhaver, Silent Rip, and Crackotage, are kicked out of the Cheat Commandos by Flashfight, who also has the Blue Laser Commander arrested on account of him being in the commando base for video games, the three of them discuss how to get back onto the team. After some discussion, they decide to break the Blue Laser Commander out so that a crime they can stop is committed. In order to pull it off, Crackotage suggests enlisting the help of his brother, Subtlefuge, along with the Topplegangers to help them.

Upon arriving at the Toppleganger hideout, the ex-commandos are confronted by Subtlefuge, who asks for proof that they aren't leading the Topplegangers into a trap upon being asked for help. Gunhaver provides the proof by telling him that he's been wearing the same boxers for three days.

With the help of the Toppleganger's help, Blue Laser Commander is busted out of prison where he takes Reynold as a new Blue Laser member to plan a new villainous scheme involving inflation of ski-ball tickets.


  • While "2-Part Episode" establishes Subtlefuge as the leader of the Topplegangers, the gang is first mentioned by Strong Bad in "8-Bit Is Enough", who says that Swampslash is their leader.


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