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Most people have gambled at least once in their life. But for Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino, betting was his life... and death.
~ Cyrus Kriticos, regarding Jimmy "the Gambler" Gambino (aka The Torso).

Jimmy "The Gambler" Gambino, chosen by Cyrus Kriticos to be The Torso, and is a minor villain, yet major character in Thir13en Ghosts. He is one of the ghosts required by the Black Zodiac to open the Ocularis Infernum, and one of the many non-hostile ghosts on the movie.

He was portrayed by Daniel Wesley.


Before death

Gambino was the son of an addicted gambler, and spent his whole childhood in the horse tracks, making bets and brainwashed into winning. His love for gaming made him a greedy casino owner, until the day he was challenged by a rich business man, sealing his fate. When he bet heavily on a boxing match, and lost, he tried to get his money back and leave the town. But the business man and the winning boxer caught up with him, and they cut Jimmy into pieces, wrapping them in cellophane and dumping the corpse into the ocean.


As his title implies, Jimmy is a sole torso without his legs, wrapped in cellophane and walking with his hands, his severed head lying some centimeters ahead of him, forever screaming in agony.

Role in the movie

Gambino is only seen once before the climax, when he scares Arthur Kriticos' son, Bobby, in the Basileus Machine's basement. After Cyrus is killed, his spirit and all of the others are freed from captivity, and finally cross over.



  • His symbol is the equivalent to Taurus in the Black Zodiac. Taurus is driven by the desire for material things, resulting in greed. They are gluttons for the finest things in life, but tend to be lazy when not motivated to acquire them. Very earthy, practical people, money and food are paramount to their existence. Taureans also have a boundless rage, which is why the Torso's severed head is constantly screaming.
  • Daniel Wesley, the actor who portrayed Gambino, is handicapped, having no legs, making it easier for him to portray the Torso. The head was made through a mixture of practical and CGI effects.
  •  This ghost appears to be harmless, along with the Withered Lover. It does not appear to lift Cyrus to his death even, unlike most of the other ghosts.

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