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The Tracker is a recurring villain in the animated TV adaptation of W.I.T.C.H., voiced by Jeff Bennett. He is a relentless demonic hunter in service to Prince Phobos, summoned to hunt down particularly evasive targets. His faithful hound Sniffer is a great asset in scenting out said targets, and he stores in his chest cavity a flock of demonic bats. He fights with a flail that radiates green energy, and he possesses superhuman strength. According to Raythor, the Tracker is pure evil. He also says hardly anything during the whole series, speaking only four lines in the second episode he appears in, Return of the Tracker.


The Tracker appears in two episodes of the first season, The Labyrinth and Return of the Tracker, engaging against the Guardians and Caleb. In the second season, following Phobos' downfall, he's recruited by Nerissa as one of the Knights of Vengeance. During the final battle of the series' finale, he sides with the empowered Lord Cedric. He's killed when Drake dives inside him through his chest cavity, briefly controlling his body. When Drake leaves the corpse, it dissolves. While the bats die along with their master, Sniffer's fate is left ambiguous.

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