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The Trench are supporting anti-villains in the 2018 superhero film Aquaman. The Trench are depth-dwelling sea-creatures that live down in Kingdom of the Trench and are known to consume anyone or anything they see.


In the past, King Orvax sacrificed Queen Atlanna to the Trench out of jealousy when he learned Atlanna was in love with a surface-dweller and had a son with him.

In their quest to find Atlantis's lost trident, Aquaman and Mera goes to the Trench and they are attacked by a legion of amphibious monsters identified as Trench's creatures. They defend themselves but the creatures are becoming far too numerous for them. This forces them to jump out of the boat. The creatures chase them in the ocean but the pair reach a wormhole that transports them to an unexplored sea located in the center of the Earth. Later, Aquaman is seen commanding the Trench along with other sea animals in battle against Orm and his followers. The Princess of the Fisherman Scales notified King Nereus, to which he quotes is impossible. Orm kills some of the creatures of the Trench.



  • Atlan † - Former King
  • Karathen
  • Aquaman - Attempted Victim turned Ally and King
  • Mera - Attempted Victim turned Ally
  • Atlanna - Attempted Victim turned Ally


  • Ocean Master
    • Tylosaurus
  • Men-of-War - Situational Enemies
  • Kingdom of Xebel - Situational Enemies
    • Nereus
  • Kingdom of the Fisherman - Situational Enemies
    • Scales



  • The Trench are all portrayed as CGI characters by stunt performers wearing suits.
    • As such, they are portrayed by Hank Amos, Daniel Andrews, Damien Bryson, Elisabeth P. Carpenter, Aston Crabtree, Mana Hira Davis, Philippe Deseck, Will Greenburg, Caleb Guinery, Garreth Hadfield, Neal Horton, Jack Kingsley, Jace Lee, Master Lee, Blake Lindsell, Kelly Marie, Simon Mak Murrell, Carly Rees, Lachlan Robbie, Ben Siemer, Marco Sinigaglia, and Bryan Sloyer.

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