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The Tribe are a clan of vampires formed and led by Shane Powers. The members are Lisa, Kyle, Erik and Jon. The group resided in Luna Bay. One night, Shane, Erik, Kyle and Jon leaped over the gate of a territory house belonging to an older vampire, who Shane said was from Santa Carla. After spending some time surfing, they stop on the beach to have a good laugh. The vampire soon comes out and confronts them. After a brief scuffle, they soon destroy the vampire by ripping him apart piece by piece.

The Tribe took control of the house to throw parties for recruitment and feeding for the gang. They consider each other family and are very close to one another, as shown of their protectiveness of Shane when Chris punches him in the face for getting close to his sister. The Tribe are also shown to be very outgoing and really torturing, seeing how they toyed with the cops as part of Chris's recruitment into the gang. All of the members of the gang are vampires.


Shane Powers



Lisa Lost Boys Tribe

Lisa was a villainess from Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008).

She was played by Monica Delain.

Lisa was an evil vampiress who approaches main protagonist Chris at a party. She takes Chris into the bathroom and engages in a heated make out session inside the shower, where she intended on making Chris her victim. However, Chris runs off when he believes that his sister, Nicole, may be in trouble, much to Lisa's extreme dismay. After the party ends, the evil Lisa appeared at Chris' door; Chris doesn't let her in at first, but after Lisa removes her coat, his mind is changed. Lisa pounces on Chris, showering him with kisses while unleashing her vampire fangs and making countless attempts to bite his neck. Bothered by Lisa's relentless nature, Chris tosses her towards a stuffed moose head, with the antlers impaling the vampiress and imploding her.

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