Trickster (Flash)

The Trickster

You're a rude punk, and, like most of your kind, you're very, very dumb.
~ Robin to Axel Walker
James Jesse. It's a name you'll never forget. Because I'm the greatest con man to ever live.
~ James Jesse
The Trickster is a villain from the Flash comics and media.


Once an average circus performer, the Trickster turned to a life of crime when he invented shoes that allowed him to hover. He soon became an enemy of the Flash. In Justice League: Unlimited, it was hinted that the Trickster may have a disorder that impairs his judgment since the Flash noted that he is off his medication.

Appearances in other media

Justice League Unlimited

In Justice League Unlimited the episode "Flash and Substance", Trickster appears as a member of the Rouges.

He conspires with his other Flash villains about killing Flash however his massive complicated ideas do not impress them. When the other villains go off to ambush Flash he doesn't join them and goes to a bar to sulk. When Batman, Flash, and Orion go to interrogate him at first he tries to kill them and not tell them anything. However, Flash convinces him to tell.

It is revealed that he has to take a certain medicine and not wear his costume and isn't really that bad. His actor is Mark Hamill who is famous for playing him in the original Flash live action show and another prankster villain The Joker.


Hamil also plays the Trickster in the Arrowverse show The Flash.

Powers and Abilities

The Trickster has the ability to hover due to the special shoes he created. The ability has made him hard to catch by his foes. He also has a large assortment of prank-based gadgetry at his disposal.



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