The Trolls are the secondary antagonists of The Three Bears franchise. They are Doctor Egghead's former minions.


The Trolls are evil, tricky and arrogant trolls. They were formerly trying to capture Vicky and bring her to Doctor Egghead. Boss is a short, blue, anthropomorphic, monkey-like troll. He is pretty clever. He's also very lazy, which is shown whenever Doctor Egghead told that they will have a job to do, he is unhappy. His name is Boss. Everybody is calling him Boss, even Vicky, which means that his name is actually Boss. He's Doctor Egghead's former right-hand man. Dumpy is a big orange, anthropomorphic, aardvark-like troll. He loves to sing and dance. Silly is a short, anthropomorphic monkey-like troll. He is very unintellingent, and he loves to eat. He can smell anything. They are constantly trying to capture Vicky and her friends and eat them. When they accidently burnt Doctor Egghead's castle, he fired them and replaced them with Ghost, Skeleton and Zombie.

Villainous Acts

They were trying to capture Vicky and bring her to Doctor Egghead in numerous episodes.

They were trying to kidnap Vicky and her friends and eat them in numerous episodes.

They kidnapped Mother Cloud and tied her up.

They used Doctor Egghead's potion for making others agressive, and used it on others and made that everybody started arguing for no reason.


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