You're a little too late. We, the Trump, will get the legendary Magic Mirror.
~ Rouge

The Trump is a villainous group known for their role as the main antagonists and appeared to be unplayable, but serves as the players' rivals in the story of the first Gunbird game. It is a trio of sky bandits consisting Ace, Claude and the evil leader Rouge, worked for weapons maker known as Baxter Company and have a plan to acquire Atlar's Magic Mirror, a legendary treasure that makes any wish to come true if anyone gets it. When they're looking for a mirror, in order to hide their identity, they are also referred to as "The Trump Trio".

While they fail at their goal for the majority of playable characters' endings, in one instance they appear in the ending sneaking behind players to request Atlar for their wish to have a tyrannical giant robot to rule the world when the players are using Marion and Tetsu respectively, here they succeed.

Following the sequel of Gunbird series, this trio has been replaced with the Queen of Pirates Trio.

Notable sky pirates of The Trump


Rouge is the president of Baxter Corporation and leader of the Trump. Her age is 26 years old, born on September 27, 1884, her country of origin is Britain, her height is 179 cm and her weight 54 kg. She likes beautiful things and perfect beautiful youth and her enemies are the heroes of the Gunbird team, which interferes with collection of the parts for the legendary Magic Mirror. For her men Ace and Claude, they call her "president" in the company or just usually "Rouge-sama" in case of their adventures.


Claude is the first plant manager of Baxter Corporation and the first male member of the "Trump" trio next to Ace. His height is over 2 meters, speaks in the Kansai dialect, his age is 34 years old and his country of origin is France. Also, he is a giant who has over 2 m and considered himself a strong character with the master of fighting sports. His name is from the company's game title known as "Battle Claude".


Ace is the head of the development department of Baxter Corporation and member of the Trump. His age is 25 years old, born on April 17, 1885, his country of origin is Germany, his height is 170 cm and his weight is 62 kg. His actual name comes from abruptly cut logo of the shooting video game titled Samurai Aces (Sengoku Aces in Japan) but the letter "S" is dropped to prevent confusion.


  • These three villains are inspired and based on the villainous trio called the Dorombo Gang of the Time Bokan/Yatterman series as well as sharing the same Japanese voice actors or Seiyuus: Jouji Yanami, Kazuya Tatekabe and Noriko Ohara.
    • In Gunbird 2, they reprise their roles as the Queen of Pirates Trio.
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