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Victor Deshayes and Charlotte Deshayes, better known as The Twins, are a playable Killer and an antagonist in Dead by Daylight.

They are a pair of conjoined twins from seventeenth-century France that were abused by the people around them that become one of the entity's killers as they can now separate at will.


Born in seventeenth-century France where the Salem Witch Trials happened, the Twins were born as conjoined twins Victor and Charlotte Deshayes formed an emotional bond like no other. Their unlikely birth is something of miracle, but at the same time, more abominable and were accused of being demons. The Twins were born when Victor was emerged from his sister Charlotte's body, with his legs twisted within her muscles and organs seeing as more of an appendage for Charlotte than a twin. The midwife who delivered them was horrified by their deformities, which caused her to run away accusing of their mother being a witch who birthed a demon. Charlotte, Victor, and their mother Madeline went into hiding from the witch hunters, and Madeline raised her children in a house, but later fell ill and bedridden, leaving Charlotte to do the handling of Victor and caring for her mother. Charlotte was caring to her brother and mother, self-sacrificing and emotionally dependent on Victor to give her life purpose. Victor was boisterous, individualistic, and physically but not emotionally depend on Charlotte. The twins love and bond grew stronger each day, but sadly the witch hunters kidnapped them, and they had to witness their mother's burning at the stake. They were later kidnapped by a cult who did some brutal experiments on them, although Charlotte and Victor would eventually escaped and destroyed the facility they were held, but Victor died in the process. Heartbroken over Victor's death, Charlotte would soon be in her teens trying to revive his corpse on her chest and struggle to survive on her. As she was still hunted and hated by other people, Charlotte's hatred of humanity grow until she would accept her death until The Entity summoned her and revived Victor as a screeching monster who enjoyed attacking others.



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