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The Unthinkables are the main antagonists from the Superflex series. These manifestation of negativity are Superflex's nemesises. Their actions embody improper social behaviors. While some appear human, others resemble to what befits their name and abilities.

Their good counterparts are called the Thinkables.


The First 15

15 Unthinkables are introduced.

  • Rock Brain: This Unthinkable is the Unthinkables' most prominent member. He resembles a rock, and takes his shape from a brain. His victims get stuck on their ideas. Thinkable counterpart: Rex Flexinator
  • Glassman: This unthinkable takes his design from a glass shard. His ability is to cause huge reactions to relatively insignificant issues. Basically, people have no chance to process the situation in their brain when Glassman strikes, causing them to overreact. Thinkable counterpart: Cool Q. Cumber.
  • Grumpy Grumpaniny: This Unthinkable resembles a fat man with pinkish-red skin. He wears a blue hat with the G from his name, a blue button-up shirt, and golden pants. His ability is inducing grumpiness on people. Thinkable counterpart: Sunny Sun.
  • Mean Jean: This Unthinkable resembles a young girl. Her ability is to induce bossiness. She appears as a person of the same species that Superflex himself is. She has yellow hair, blue jean pants, sneakers, and a shirt whose front reads "Mean Jean". Thinkable counterpart: Nice Brice
    • Mean Gene: Mean Jean receives a genderswapped counterpart. This unthinkable has a green shirt that reads "Do it my way, and now!", the same blue jean pants that his female counterpart has, green sneakers, and brown, short hair. Thinkable counterpart: Nice Bryce
  • Un-Wonderer: This Unthinkable inhibits socially wondering about the other persons. She takes her design from a cancel symbol. The middle of her body is decked out with a yellow question mark, whose centre her eyes rest on. Her mouth is the gap between the dot and the question mark's body. A single white speech bubble extends form her side, representing her left ear. Thinkable counterpart: Social-Lee Wonder
  • One-Sided Sid: This Unthinkable is super flat. He gets people to talk about themselves, which is how he got his name, which is alternatively One-Sided Sid. His appearance is a flat person that has a green shirt whose front reads "ME", blue jean pants, and brown shoes/socks. Thinkable counterpart: Other Side Sally
  • Brain Eater: This Unthinkable resembles a cephalopod. He holds gaming items in his tentacles. His colour is blue. Thinkable counterpart: Focus Tron
  • The Destroyer of Fun: This Unthinkable takes his design from basketball. He causes discord in his victims. Such people might betray their friends to get the prize. Thinkable counterpart: The Initiator Of Fun
  • The Body Snatcher: This Unthinkable drags victims away from the group. He is never seen without his suit. It bears his name below the slot his eyes can see out of. His arms have large, powerful vents that end in yellow nozzles (similar to Junker from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story). His shoes are red. Thinkable counterpart: Stick-Withem
  • The Energy Hare Y: This Unthinkable takes her design from bunny rabbits. She gives victims too much energy. She wears a pink cape and has feet with springs. Thinkable counterpart: Meditation Mat
  • Wasfunnyonce: This Unthinkable is a clown. He causes his victims to use humour at the wrong time, at the wrong place, or with the wrong person(s). Thinkable counterpart: Humor-Us
  • Topic Twistermeister: This Unthinkable resembles a giant tornado. He throws his victims off topic. Thinkable counterpart: The Tracker
  • Space Invader: This Unthinkable has green skin, a grey space suit, stalked eyes, a jet pack, and a rather short torso, but he is humanoid otherwise. He brings his victims into neighbors's space. Thinkable counterpart: Space Respecter
  • Worry Wall: This Unthinkable resembles a brick wall. He induces uncertainty in his victims. Thinkable counterpart: Posi-Tina

Unthinkables 82: The Second Batch

After 15 Unthinkables are introduced, 82 more Unthinkables are introduced and are eager to invade Social Town, wreak havoc upon minds of Social Town folks. Here are some of them:

  • Queen of Wacky Questions: This Unthinkable makes a person ask wacky questions; i.e questions they already know the answer to, and are therefore redundant, are irrelevant to the topic, or just too many questions.
  • Dream Catcher: this Unthinkable makes a person start daydreaming and spacing out when he/she should be paying attention.
  • Information Station: this Unthinkable causes people to share too much information; most of such info being useless and irrelevant.
  • La-Ti-Da: this Unthinkable makes a person singing when he/she should be quiet.
  • Attention Eater: this Unthinkable makes a person wanting all the attention to himself/herself.
  • Collider: this Unthinkable creates conversation clashes and deadlocks.
  • Blurt Out Blue: this Unthinkable causes a student to preemptively shout out an answer to a question even when it is not his/her turn.
  • Tiny Teacher: this Unthinkable causes a student to behave as if he/she is the teacher.
  • The Whiner: this Unthinkable makes a person emit a high-pitched cacophony.
  • Volume Volumizer: this Unthinkable takes away the ability to adjust the level of loudness during talking.
  • Antsy Nancy: this Unthinkable makes people fidget and impatient.
  • Boastful Bore: this Unthinkable causes a person to overconfidently boasting about themselves, not caring at all how others would feel about it.
  • Perfect Pete: this Unthinkable causes people to believe that everything they do must be perfect and nothing they ever do is sufficient. In worse phase, people under the influence of Perfect Pete become failure-intolerant and may lash out at themselves and/or at others for perceived failures.
  • Noodle Dude: this Unthinkable renders a person to be too flexible.
  • Emotion Commotion: this Unthinkable causes a person to excessively focus on his/her emotions, forgetting other possibly more important matters in the process.
  • Refuso: this Unthinkable renders a person to say no on everything and be uncooperative.
  • Nosey Rosey: this Unthinkable represents of meddling into other people's business by eavesdropping and worry about what everyone else is doing.
  • Munchie Munchie: this Unthinkable makes people to eat something they should not - even when thing being consumed are clearly not foods.
  • Perfect Patty: this Unthinkable makes people feel like they always have to be perfect at everything and makes it hard for people to move on with their works and stay social because they are so obsessed on being perfect.
  • Can't be Wrong Rita: this Unthinkable causes people to be excessively afraid of their own mistakes.
  • Tattle Taylor: this Unthinkable makes a person tell on someone else, makes a person tells things to others that are unimportant, reveling in its victim driving to his/her eventual trouble.
  • Rule Police: this Unthinkable revels in commanding and dictating others what to do; others' opinions are irrelevant. Rule Police demands that all rules are made to meet its needs. During any activities it fancies itself as a boss. When others fail to do what it expects it tattles on higher authorities for reinforcement.
  • Dark Defeatist: this Unthinkable intrudes when people feel something is too daunting for them to accomplish. It spreads demoralization tendency and makes people give up on things before they are to even try.

More members:

  • Copy Cat
  • Get in Trouble Man
  • First Fighter
  • Ms. Turn Taker
  • Time Racer
  • Danger Dave
  • Fear Releaser
  • Hurtful Harry
  • Icky Vicky
  • Mood Keeper
  • Past Willy
  • Rainstorm
  • Prickly Pete the Porcupine
  • The Enforcer
  • Holiday Boulder
  • Justice Buster
  • Time Keeper
  • The Junkanator
  • Picky Peater
  • Confusion carol
  • The Confuser
  • Thin Flin
  • Armored Alex
  • Disappointed Dan
  • Kenny Can't
  • Negasorus Nix
  • Bored Bobby
  • Impatient Octopus
  • Igor Interrupter
  • Int-Erupter
  • Inter-Ruptor
  • Interruptagator
  • Concrete Connie
  • Empathy Eraser
  • Toxicore
  • Shurman Shirker
  • Waitin' Mate
  • Egg-Certain
  • Book Magnet
  • Hermit Crab
  • Sticky Fingers
  • Garbage Can Crew
  • Potty Mouth Pete
  • Ruler Rod
  • Falsificator
  • Captain Blame-O
  • Storyteller
  • Thumb Sucker
  • Big Bubble Bob
  • Space Squid
  • Dr. Downloader
  • Talks too Much Tess
  • Negative Nick
  • The Bad Exampler
  • Bedman
  • Professorus Wrecks
  • Negative Future Charge
  • Mr. Whoemeye


First 15

Unthinkables 82