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Good evening, movie-goers, and welcome to the Universal Palace. Since the grand opening in October 1922, all of Hollywood's greatest movies have graced to us screams! She is a proud and dignified lady. One that demands the proper respect in dignity. She will not be insulted, and rude behavior will not be tolerated... ever! Buy a ticket to the Universal Palace and let me usher you into a experience you would never, EVER forget. Tickets please!
~ His quote in the preview teaser for Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped from the Silver Screen at Universal Studios Florida during 2009.

Julian Browning, also better known as the Usher, is an icon for Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights. He was the main icon for Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped from the Silver Screen in 2009. He, along with the other past icons, have returned in 2010 for "Halloween Horror Nights: Twenty Years of Fear". He represented Vengeance that year. One shocking thing about the Usher is that he is not featured a single bit in the television advertisements, nor is he mentioned in the radio advertisement.


Julian Browning was an usher at the Universal Palace Theater, a popular movie house that had been converted from a playhouse during the 1920s. Browning truly enjoyed working at the theater and loved the movies, especially horror movies, becoming something of an expert. However, Browning was also very strict about enforcing the rules, and hated rude patrons who disrupted the movie experienced for others.

During a 1940 re-release of his all-time favorite horror film, Lon Chaney Sr.'s The Phantom of the Opera, Browning engaged in a scuffle with a rude theatergoer. During the fight, Browning's flashlight was seized by the boorish parton who tossed through the new screen, tearing it.

As the furious usher went backstage to retrieve it, he was somehow entangled in one of the old playhouse's sandbag's ropes, causing him to die a slow, painful death of strangulation with his feet mere inches above the floor. It is also revealed that this was the first horrible event of many in the theater's history, meaning that either the Universal Palace itself is evil, or Julian's "revenge" has been to destroy other rulebreaking patrons with classic movie monsters (almost in the same way the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera would do by causing incidents in the opera house).

Julian returns to Universal Horror Nights with other icon, still want his revenge rulebreaker with other deceased Ushers, as The universal Palace still open and waiting for visitors to come in.

The Rules of the Universal Palace Theater

Whenever the rules of Julian's precious theater are broken, he will get really ticked off and kill the rulebreaker. The theater's following rules are:

  1. Please be courteous and turn off all cell phones.
  2. Please no outside food or drink.
  3. Please plash trash in the proper containers.
  4. Be aware of your fellow moviegoers.


You smell like death!
~ The most annoying catchphrase the Usher hears everyday, and also his insult. The death part possibly refers to the Caretaker.
Of course I'm ready. How are we, my FOX-y friends?
~ The Usher on a FOX 35 news report.



  • Shockingly, unlike the other icons, he doesn't appear on television advertisements nor on billboards, nor was he mentioned on Halloween Horror Nights: Ripped from the Silver Screen radio advertisements.
  • During Halloween Horror Nights 23, his flashlight is found in the haunted house titled An American Werewolf in London.
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