The Vexicons are four female warriors called from the pages of Proxima's dark Codex. They debut as shadowed cameos at the end of "Happily Never After", but make their actual debut in "The Lost Scepter" where they race the Mysticons to find an ancient and immensely powerful scepter. They are considered more-powerful dark counterparts of the Mysticons. They each have their own animal bracer, to combat those wielded by the Mysticons.

The Vexicons


The leader and Arkayna's evil counterpart. She has light blue skin, ice-white spiked hair and a blue staff with a jagged blue crystal which emits strong beams of icy energy. Her animal bracer is a serpent. She also has an animal sidekick named Deeva, a light blue fox-like creature (Choko's evil counterpart) that she wears around her neck like a muffler.


A cat-humanoid and Zarya's dark counterpart. She can emit three blasts of red energy from her claws. Her animal bracer is a panther. She also has skates that enable her to move faster on land.


Large and muscular, she is Emerald's evil counterpart. Her body is made of stone and she can turn into a huge boulder-like ball of rock to carry the other three inside. Her animal bracer is a basilisk.


With small pixie wings, she is Piper's evil counterpart. She has purple skin and can fire purple beams of energy from her hands. She can also teleport over short distances. Her purple animal bracer is a bat.


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