The Visitors are the main villains of the "V" franchise and are based upon the Reptoids of UFO culture, although they tend to disguise themselves as humans The Visitors are in reality a highly dangerous species of reptiles from another world who have come to Earth to enslave its inhabitants and interbred with humanity - they also fed on small mammals (such as hamsters) much like snakes do, eating their prey whole.

The Visitors came to Earth under the guise of peaceful humanoids and were largely successful in fooling humanity - hiding their reptilian eyes under glasses (which they claimed protected them from strong sunlight): however not all of humanity were as easily fooled and a resistance movement is formed just in time as The Visitors begin to take control of the planet and the rest of the series revolves around the resistance's struggle to free the world from an increasingly powerful alien threat.

They are known for viewing emotions, especially love, as weakness

Their leader is Diana (or Anna in the 2009 series).


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