The Voracious Centipede is the commander of the insects throughout the Wonderland Woods and a villain from American McGee's Alice.


In order to regain her normal size, Alice was told by the Caterpillar to find the mushroom guarded by the Voracious Centipede. She found her way to the Fungiferous Forest where he commanded his troops to bring the intruder to him. Alice was captured and sent into Centipede's Sanctum, where she took on the Voracious Centipede himself. She defeated him and took a bite from his mushroom returning to normal size.

Powers and Abilities

Despite still being the size of an average centipede, the Voracious Centipede was far larger than Alice at the time of their encounter and was thus able to outmatch her in terms of strength. He is also heavily armored and can spit poison, ram Alice with his spiked helmet, bite at her, and spawn multi-legged insects that can leap onto Alice's back and suck her blood.


  • The Voracious Centipede's appearance is based on a German World War I soldier as evidenced by his helmet with a spike on the top.
  • Because each of the bosses depict a different installment of the asylum where Alice is; this boss references the shock therapy being done on her, during the soundtrack one can hear her gasps from the electricity. The track also resembles electrical injections.


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