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The Waiter is one of the secondary antagonists of the 123 Slaughter Me Street series. before the events of the game, Tim Denson created him as well as the other two puppets as characters for a kid's show called the Foggel Friends.


123 Slaughter Me Street

The Waiter is the third and final enemy encountered, with his first appearance being on the 4th floor. He will wait in the corridors on either side of the player, growling at them when they come near. After hearing the growling, the player must turn to look down the hallway and use their flashlight to ward off The Waiter. Passing by the hallway he is hiding in without doing so will cause The Waiter to attack the player, resulting in a game over.

He also appears alongside The Follower and Greeter in a burning room at the end of the game, slowly approaching a trapped Tim and likely killing him.

123 Slaughter Me Street: Retro

He functions similarly to how he did in the original game, however instead of growling his eyes glow red from the doorway to indicate where he is. Instead of checking the corridor, the player must simply walk past him, to which he'll begin following them and will then need to be warded off with the flashlight.

123 Slaughter Me Street 2

The Waiter's role as an enemy is instead taken by The Screamer in the prequel, with The Waiter himself being a lifeless puppet found around the house in the different levels. He's also in the loading screen with all of the other puppets.


The Waiter is a yellow bipedal wyvern puppet with light orange "wings" and small black claws. He has black bull horns and gold, sunken in eyes with black sclera and reptilian pupils. His retro version is mostly the same, though with red pupils and no irises. His Slaughter Me Street 2 design is also similar, but with light blue eyes and fur.



Slaughter Me Street 2


  • The Waiter may represent a guard dog that Tim Denson killed.
  • The third enemy was originally a brown elephant puppet called The Hunter, but was later scrapped and replaced with The Waiter.
  • He is the only one of the three not to get a counterpart in 123 SMS 2, with The Screamer appearing instead.
  • His game files refer to him as "Purple Muppet", suggesting he was originally intended to be purple.
  • The Waiter is the only one of the three main puppets from the first game to not be included in either it or the prequel's intro.
  • His true name is Walter, which was revealed in a tweet teaser for 123 Slaughter Me Street: Evolutions.

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