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The Watcher is a demonic forest spirit and an antagonist in the Are You Afraid of the Dark? episode "The Tale of Watcher's Woods".

He was portrayed by Tom Rack, who also portrayed The Security Guard/The Sheriff, in the episode "The Tale of the Pinball Wizard", in which he also was co-writer of the episode.


As the forests were desecrated over the years, the Watcher decided to protect his forest by casting a spell on it and having it randomly appear. Many people over the centuries would enter his woods and never be seen or heard from again. His most recent victims in that regard were three girls who blundered into his forest and couldn't find a way out. Their whistles were the only trace of them that ever was found. It was only when each of their whistles was returned that they could finally rest.

75 years after this, a pair of campers named Sarah and Kelly get lost in the woods and separated from each other. Sarah at one point hears a deep voice call her name. Sarah follows the noise to a tree, in which the Watcher's face appears and says "Welcome... to my woods!" Sarah screams and runs off.

Sarah eventually learns that Kelly is being held prisoner by three hags in the woods that are the spirits of the three missing girls from all those years ago, and that they will only release her alive if Sarah retrieves their whistles for them.

Running back to camp to get the whistles, Sarah again hears a deep voice call her name. Sarah asks what it wants, and the Watcher's face appears in a puddle and tells her "I'm watching you!" Sarah ignores this and continues on her way. The Watcher then appears to Sarah, as a corpse which rises from the ground and then turns into the Watcher. He tells Sarah that she fascinates him, and he could use a soul like hers to add to his woods. He invites her to join him.

Sarah refuses, pulls out a cigarette lighter that she had taken from Kelly earlier, and lights it. The Watcher initially is unintimidated by this, saying that "Flame cannot harm me." Sarah points out that, while it can't harm him, it CAN burn his beloved woods to the ground, and she'll do so if he doesn't leave her alone. This threat is enough to make the Watcher back off, as he vanishes into the ground and lets Sarah continue on her way.

Sarah eventually returns the whistles, so the three hags release her and Kelly, and with their deal with the Watcher thus honored, their own souls are set free.

Sarah and Kelly ultimately get out of the woods and are reunited with their fellow campers. The Watcher is not seen again, but is presumably still out there, having his woods randomly appear and seek any souls he can claim.

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