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No! It was not I who garroted your friend, Martin Senescu, it was YOU! (...) No, Martin Senescu, it was you. You murdered your wife... (...) It was you who used my axe to kill your wife's brother! (...) Not so, Martin Senescu (...) You are the murderer, you killed them all! It was always you! (...) It was you!
~ The Wax figures to Martin Senescu whilst advancing threateningly on him.

The Wax Figures are the main antagonists in The Twilight Zone episode The New Exhibit. They are a quintet of wax figures of infamous mass murderers who are looked after by Museum worker Martin Lombard Senescu, who is unhealthily attached to them and protective of them, idolizing them in a perverse way despite their being murderers.

Jack the Ripper was portrayed by the late David Bond, Albert W. Hicks was portrayed by the late Bob Mitchell, Henri Desiré Landru was portrayed by the late Milton Parsons, William Burke was portrayed by the late Robert McCord, and William Hare was portrayed by the late Billy Beck.


The Wax Figures initially seem to just be ordinary wax figures. However, after Martin Senescu decides to house them in his basement after the museum is closed down, they seemingly come to life, with Jack the Ripper murdering Martin's wife Emma, Hicks murdering her brother David, and finally Landru murdering Martin's boss and friend Mr. Ferguson.

However, upon going berserk at this last one, Martin (who had up to the point been covering up the wax figure's apparent murders), is shocked and surprised to see them get up off their stands and move towards him, also revealing that, in fact, he was the one who committed the murders all along, using their weapons as his own. Martin desperately denies it, and screams as the wax figures close in on him in full.

Later, it is shown that they are now at a new museum, with Martin Lombard Senescu as the latest addition to their ranks. It is ambiguous if they really were the murderers, and have turned Martin into a wax figure to shut him up and pin the murders on him as a scapegoat, or if in fact Martin really did kill them and they turned him into a wax figure to protect themselves from the one crime they weren't guilty of.


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