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Mr. and Mrs. Weatherheads, also called the Weatherheads, are the main antagonists of episode "The Poor Kid" of the TV series South Park. They are a rather abusive foster family that is in charge of many children. The Weatherheads only drink Dr. Pepper (the idea being that no one knew if it was more Coke, Pepsi or Root Beer) and force their boarders to do the same, and are a personification of agnostics in society.

They abused their foster children a lot such as spraying them with Dr. Pepper if they saw something that may or may not exist. They were ultimately brought down when Mysterion (a.k.a Kenny McCormick) serves them beer, which leads to not only physically harming each other, but distracting them so that a social worker enters the basement and sees the abused children. The Weatherheads, along with Eric Cartman (who had been in their custody), were arrested and featured on the show White Trash (a parody of both America's Most Wanted and COPS).


  • Mr. and Mrs. Weatherhead are very similar to the Dursleys from Harry Potter as Mr. Weatherhead is similar to Vernon Dursley and Mrs. Weatherhead is similar to Petunia Dursley.
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