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The Whip is the main antagonist of the Courage the Cowardly Dog episode "Cowboy Courage" as part of the story that Muriel reads to courage for the episode. In the story, he is portrayed by Eustace Bagge.


As he is portrayed by Eustace, he looks very much like him. He wears a black cowboy hat with a black uniform. Due to being undead, his skin is completely green.


Long ago, The Whip was considered to be the most dangerous criminal in Dusty Little Town. He was noted for the W's that he marked his victims with. However, he was eventually taken out. Before his passing, he swore to return in a year at sundown to claim the money, get revenge on those who swindled him, and deal with any lawman that gets in his way.

Eventually, The Whip rose from his grave and returned to the town where he seeked out the town's mayor, Swiney, and Floyd. The town's newest sheriff find the aftermath of the Whip's encounter with Swiney and Floyd. Then the sheriff with Minnie, find The Whip interrogating the mayor for the money which he finds in a safe behind a portrait of Minnie.

After witnessing the Whip destroy the mayor's clothes and steal his teeth, the sheriff accidentally alerts the Whip of their presence with his bubblegum, prompting The Whip to knock the sheriff away while he forces Minnie to come with him. In his efforts to ride off on his horse though, he snaps it in half. He then attempts to steal the sheriff's horse, only to snap that one in half too.

While The Whip is distracted, the Sheriff hands him a letter demanding him to let Minnie go. When The Whip refuses, the sheriff then hands him a present containing a piece of paper with a target on it, which The Whip steps on in confusion. Unknown to him is that said target is a marker for a jet to fly by and drop a piano on him, bringing The Whip's tyranny to an end.


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