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White Cleaver

The White Cleaver

The White Cleaver or as he was later called the Black Cleaver is a recurring character in the Skulduggery Pleasant book series serving as the secondary antagonist of the first novel, a supporting character in the novels The Faceless Ones, Death Bringer and Kingdom of the Wicked and a supporting antagonist in the novel Last Stand of Dead Men before meeting his end as a supporting character turned supporting antagonist in the final novel of the first series The Dying of the Light.


The White Cleaver has no real personality or emotions as he only blindly follows the orders of whoever is currently controlling him.


The White Cleaver was a servant of Serpine in the first book of the Skulduggery Pleasant series, and later became a hero who worked for the necromancers, he became a villain again when they rebelled but later returns to being a hero, though shortly after he is torn apart by Lord Vile.

Later, Scapegrace offers the Cleavers remains to Doctor Nye in exchange for a new body. Nye revives the  Cleaver, but turns him black, so he is called the "Black Cleaver" from there.

During the war of sanctuarys, the Black Cleaver acts as a bodyguard to Ravel, Misty, Nye and other members of Ravels conspiracy. As such, he also helps them to kill Ghastly Bespoke and Anton Shudder, two close friends of Skullduggery. When he fights him and China in a final attempt to deny them access to Ravel and Misty, Skullduggery uses Lord Vile (or at least Necromancy) to dodge him and to break every bone in his body.

It is unsure if the Black Cleaver is dead, for he is not further mentioned, but its pretty likely that even torn apart his fingers still moved since Scapegrace stated to Nye. Furthermore, it appears that Nye even improved him, so he most likely regenarated after a while. In this case, his further destiny is currently unknown.


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